Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's up??

Last night Kevin and I were planning on having a date/movie night. The cutest part: It was going to be Christmas themed!! :) I caught the spirit.. Anyway, here we are pizza, popcorn, pepsi (3 P's), Picnic in the living room; blankets on the floor and tons of pillows! So we turn on The Santa Claus, and the scene is set! It was gonna be fantastic!

Have I mentioned Kevin was up at 2 AM for a Division run? Yeah... he was EXTRA sleepy. About 22 mins into the movie he was completely OUT -- down. for. the. count. So we just called it a night and I'll be taking a rain check, hopefully we'll be re-scheduling Christmas Movie Night, for tonight!

Yesterday AM (after formation) Kevin and I ventured over to Lowes -- always a dangerous endeavor for home owners huh? All the same we picked up 2 lil' household/kitchen project for less than $150!! Woo... I'm super excited about it. We have this 20" open space/cut out/storage type space in our kitchen. It's not right in the middle it's off in a corner so it's not completely ridiculous. :) Anyway, we do have an descent sized kitchen but I never seem to have enough cabinet space (who does right?). So we bought shelving to hang in there so I can store crap over there! lol... "crap". I'm funny.

Our other upgrade/project is removing the yucky cafeteria style light from our kitchen and replacing it with:


Lauren B. said...

ohhh yay for home projects! i need to replace my ugly light in my kitchen too....and i probably need to invite you over for some wine (since i can have it now) i think that invitation is way over-due!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yes!!!!! You caught the Christmas spirit!

I really like that kitchen light!!!

ABW said...

I love home projects, now I need a home!