Saturday, July 25, 2009

Damn You Target!

I was in the ginormous Target farthest from my house about a month or two ago and saw this lil' beauty:
This is the most perfect organizer for under the bathroom sink; brushes and such up top and hair sprays and other bottles (products) underneath. Yes, it's tall enough for that and both drawers slide in and out. PERFECT! Why didn't I just jump on the damn thing when I had the chance, you ask? Well I was being cheap. I journeyed all the way up to this far-away Target and get this they are on sale! Great, right? NO! They may be on sale but they are out of stock in every location in the greater Colo Springs area!! Of course... booo! I just found it online but it's not on sale on line. :( What else is new... Shopping is the pits sometimes!!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Did you see if you could get a raincheck? A lot of the time Target will do this for sale items.

bss said...

it looks like we have the same luck with things like that, haha! :o)

Lauren B. said...

ooohhhh this is exactly what i need. i too am a cheap-ass....too bad they are sold out or i'd go buy one too!