Saturday, July 25, 2009

My First Award

I am so excited that someone tagged me for my first award!! For this aware I have to list seven things about myself that you didn't know, so here goes:
1) I curse like a sailor. Not much to explain there; it is what it is.
2) I HATE pickles! Honestly you couldn't pay me enough to eat one... I just couldn't handle it.
3) I'm like a burnt marshmallow: Hard and crispy on the outside but a big mess of mooshiness on the inside.
4) Since finishing the Twilight series I've been miserably bored at night. I'm considering re-reading them. But then I stop myself because I don't have the first one (although I did barrow it from someone, so I have read it) and also because I think Kevin would enjoy them so I want to wait and read them together when he gets back. On the other hand I finished the last three (which I do have) in a month's time, maybe I could do it again this time.... See it's ridiculous.
5) I'm paranoid to the point of obsession. I think paranoia is at the heart of all my irrational fears; tornadoes- I mean really, the thought of something coming from the sky and erasing everything it flies across completely weirds me out. There isn't any hiding from it. Next, I have a real fear of Armageddon. The whole 12/12/2012 business with the Mayan calendar really a sore subject for me. It's things like this that keep me up at night. I get an idea into my head and it kind of rules my life for a few days until I manage to logically mislead my own thoughts. It's a wicked mess...
6) Going back to #5, I'm highly and personally offended that they made a movie about 12.12.2012. I don't know the name of it but I saw the preview at Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. John Cusack plays in it...
7) I often disguise my emotions with anger. When I'm sad or just miserable about anything I show my distress by becoming hostile, irritable, grouchy or just altogether unpleasant. I pick stupid fights with people and I'm usually pretty abrupt. It isn't fair and I try to be more forthcoming with my true emotions but it is extremely difficult for me to do. (I think this kind of relates back to #3)I realize that this isn't fair to the people around me and ever sense I figured out that I do, do this I have made an effort to be better... it hasn't been a very good one though. :( I will however be better going forward.
Now I'm supposed to tag some other bloggers. Erin, who tagged me didn't say how many she just did 3, so we'll see what I come up with:
I'll have to first start by saying I remember Jen- Crazy Shenanigans, Becca- Mrs. GI Joe and Lola- Not all those who wonder are lost, getting tagged a few months back so I gotta pass on you ladies but PLEASE believe if this award had different requirements than (from a few months ago) you would definitely be on the top of my list!!! Mean it, sincerely.
I gotta show my hubby and my sis some love. Also, Lauren (Not just another Pregnant Army wife) and Megan (The Not So Normal Life of an Army Wife).
Ok so those are my picks and that's some crap I don't think you knew about me...
I have one question for everyone (because I know a lot of you have done this). How on earth do you do the "strike through" text? When I am posting a blog it isn't an option on my font drop down. Someone on someone please teach me... I have been racking my brain and fiddling with this damn thing for weeks now and I cannot figure this out for the life of me! Please, and THANK YOU!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

For you it's it's coleslaw...yuck!

Lauren B. said...

well thank you! so what are the rules? we just have to give facts about ourselves?

Sara said...

you need to use HTML coding in your posting.

Put strike before the stuff you want lined through and /strike after blocked in by "< >" for each one

it's hard to explain but google strikethough text HTML and you will figure it out, good luck!