Thursday, August 13, 2009

Word Verification

how on earth is typing what's above {or something like it} considered a security measure?
I was requesting a password from some site and it made me type this in. Why? Does this help the site verify that I am, in fact me? I'm super confuse.
Someone fill in the blanks for me. (:
Have a Happy Thursday.
I am Verrrry thankful that this week is going by. I'm not sure if it's been slow or fast-- probably a normal type pace. I'll take that too. I'm super-dee-duper excited for the weekend to come... Then go. Then my hubs will be home (shortly after). I still have a few things to complete before he gets home.
But no worries I will get it allllll completed! (:


Lauren B. said...

i don't understand word verification either!

jenn said...

no answers for you on the word verification!!!

your time is coming so soon!! whoo hoo!!

JG said...

Thank you!! Seeing that word verification thing actually deters me from leaving comments on people's blogs! I don't have one on mine, and after nearly 8 months of blogging, I have had maybe 1 spam post. I don't see the point of them.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

sometimes I get amused with blogger's word verification though. Lately it's been giving me real words but ones that are slang!

JenandJeff said...

hey girl---just trying to find bloggie friends that are military wives, since my future hubs is going to be joining the national guard..and will be leaving for basic in january...just looking for that support system ya know--from other women out there going through the same! love your blog so far!