Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Looky Looky!!!

You all remember this post from back in June?

Well Mr. Kevin Ruder (Pres. 901 Tequila) managed to get my hubby's very own bottle just in time for his homecoming! Impeccable timing really -- considering Kev should be home by the end of the week!! (:

I was beginning to think we had been forgotten, which was ok because we hadn't expected anything in the first place!

However, after receiving our complimentary bottle today in the mail I am very grateful and humbled that lil' ol' us were remembered. :)

Thanks to 901 Tequila, Justin Timberlake and Mr. Kevin Ruder!


Lauren B. said...

yay! thats so nice!

JG said...

I remember you talking about that....I don't drink Tequila, but if I did, I'd buy theirs. Class like that deserves to be rewarded.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I remember you mentioning them saying they were going to send it! That's great that it arrived in time!!!!