Monday, August 17, 2009


So here I am after completing all of my errands and my work out for the day STEWING (yes, stewing)! Again, I haven't heard from Kevin today! This is so nerve-wracking! I don't know if he's still in Iraq, or Kuwait, Germany or in transit somewhere! I know my husband well enough to know that he will call me as soon as he can -- waiting for that is something I am not accustomed to. I need info here people!

My MIL/FIL will be here in a few short hours! I am very excited about that. I haven't seen them since March (my lil' vaca to San Diego) and Kevin hasn't seen them since R&R in January! All the same, I am very excited for them to be here. Hopefully they'll help the time pass until Kevin does arrive. (:

I do have a few little things to do before he arrives. I had some people together on Saturday for a "Sign Making Party". Unfortunately my hilarious Aunt decided to draw something obscene (however, small) on one of the posters. So I'll be re-doing that one. :) My Aunt also picked up these ball decorations so I have to get those up!

It's time for me to get moving! Gotta keep busy! Teresa can attest to how much this part really sucks!


Lauren B. said...

hopefully he hasn't called because he is on his way home!!!! i'm sure you will hear from him soon, but i knowhow bad waiting sucks!

jlc said...

Ahhh yes!! The not knowing part..... if you delve into my archives-- i SWEAR we wrote some of the same exact sentences! Hahah! He'll be here hun!! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That in transit phase is so hard! I was going nuts for 3 days when Matt was in transit and I was hearing NOTHING! I'm sure he'll call asap!