Tuesday, August 11, 2009

HUGE Updates

The BIGGEST and BEST and HAPPIEST update of all:
My hubby will be home in just about a week! That's right people in a week (or more, or less- who really truly knows? ) my man will be home with me- right where he belongs! Of course I don't know an exact date yet and if I did I couldn't tell! :-x (;
I am couldn't be more excited. And nervous. And anxious. The list goes on and on and on...
Next I wanted to update everyone my my list (of things to complete before Kevin's return). I will be making the sauce later this week so it's fresh and all yummy-delicious! I was reading "The Travelers Gift" then it started to bore me. Then well, Brody ate it. Yes, that's a true story. I guess I'll never know how it ends. Shucks. I'll probably start on "The Noticer" tonight. Hopefully it isn't as dry as "The Travelers Gift." I've been hitting the gym on a regular basis and eating very well (with the exception of last night's binge on Coffee Ice Cream with Heath bars mixed in.... my mouth is watering. Please excuse me....) so I'm thinking the weight loss goal is right on track. I make not weighing my self on a regular basis a habit. :) The scale=THE DEVIL. Then the backyard started to be another issue. The hubs told me to rent a tiller but after it's tilled it needs to be flattened out ASAP and then the concrete sand needs to be put down ASAP...once the sand is down the pavers have to be down ASAP. Since all of the steps need to be completed within a short period of time and Kevin wants to be apart of picking out the paver stones we decided to address it when he gets back. :( So that project is delayed. I am, however looking forward to the help! :)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's so great that he's going be back sooner! That's awesome!

Lauren B. said...

yay for him coming home!! i am sooooo jealous!

jenn said...

so happy for you!!!

you've done really well the 'list'!!!!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

This is SOOOO exciting! I'm so happy for you:)