Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blister & Baby Drama!!!

So, THIS is our backyard, currently, after 3 hours of hoeing going on!!! You see the back 1/3 of the yard? I did a great job. But my back hurts, and now I have this huge blister on my thumb and poor Brody is confused. He doesn't know what to do with that portion of the yard. Oh, and in better news it just rained so now it's mud, swell. Oh well the joys of being a home owner right? I'll have to hit Lowes/Home Depot something of that nature for leveling sand. when it is all said and done Kevin and I are going to be putting down paving stones, here are some examples. But we're on a budget so it's one thing at a time. So far it's just an $8 hoe, blisters, and a few hours of back-breaking work. (Literally, my back is killing me!)

I suppose you have to understand how our backyard got to this point. When we moved in all of the houses in our subdevelopment had mulch- that's it. It's cheap and low maintenance which is why the builder threw it back there. It makes sense. However, the dog eating it... and draggin it in my house drove me absolutely crazy! And it made the o-so-pleasant-chore of picking up dog poop even easier, don't cha know! {sarcasm} So we 86'd the mulch and put down sod. This looked fantastic! But the fact that the short-sighted builder didn't put a water spicket in the backyard and only in the garage made watering very DIFFICULT!! We had to run the hose all the way through the house a few times a day! So I stopped and the sod died. And Vwaa~LA here we are at our current yard status! Also, why it needs to be rectified! Hence the Blister! =(
As you know my sister is expecting and her husband left for Afghanistan about a month and a half ago. Well yesterday afternoon Nathan fell accidentally, on her stomach and she was having some really bad cramping. We rushed to her IVF doctor's office for an ultrasound just to make sure everything was ok. We saw the heartbeat from the baby in the uterus. Then the RN (with other 20 years experience) started looking around just to make sure everything else was ok. She questioned my sister on my name, then asks if I can watch my nephew overnight because my sister needs to go to the hospital ASAP and would probably need emergency surgery. Say WHAT?! So the RN leaves the room to contact their on-call doc.. comes back about 10 minutes later with a note and tells us to go to the ER on post. We rush around, drop Nathan off at my mother's and head to the hospital. Honestly we all bitch-whine-and-complain about TriCare and the medical but last night my sis received EXCELLENT care! We spent a whopping 5 hours in the ER. Just about an entire hour was spent in the Radiology department getting an ultrasound... SEARCHING and searching some more for this tubal-pregnancy, that wasn't there! Thank goodness!
We had a follow-up walk-in appointment at Evans (the hospital on post) with OB this morning. Thankfully, we sat there for an hour waiting to be seen and the doctor again said that there was no indication of a tubal pregnancy. The pain she was experiencing was most than likely caused by a pulled muscle in her abdomen and a cyst. Thankfully, her baby is doing great!! Hopefully going forward she'll have a stress-free pregnancy and no more false alarms caused by her IVF doctor's office!


lola said...

Oh goodness. I'm glad everything is ok after all of that!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Glad to hear your sister ended up being ok!

That blister looks HUGE!

levisGurl said...

I sorry sis bout your owwies... I really appreciate all your help with all this baby stuff.. u are the best sis n auntie ever~! hope u feel better~