Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Proposal

Yes Ladies this movie was completely adorable! Very Sandra Bullock; super cutesy, easy to watch and hilarious. Thankfully all of the funny scenes were NOT in the trailers to the movie. PHEW... that usually happens. I laughed quite a bit. =) I highly recommend it.

Lauren is adorably pregnant too, and NOT AT ALL FAT! oiy... :-p her and I had fun, I hope, kind of hard to get to know someone in a movie. We did have a chance to chat during previews and things like that. Honestly, this was probably a great choice for our first "hang out" because there wasn't pressure to conversate... But I felt kind of off today. I'm not sure if I didn't' have enough calories today (having had worked out before the movie) or what but I was seriously dragging afterwards. So we leave the theater and walk to our cars (not too far apart actually) and said "tootles, we should do this again sometime." (no there was no making out or anything feisty teee hee) and I just sort of slumped into my car and left. When I got home I just crashed. Sorta got a headache... sorta just exhausted... just "off". Now I am feeling slightly better after just relaxing for oh- a good 5 hours or so! What a lazy ass I am.

Lauren also got to see how big of a dork/loser I am. Unfortunately one of the previews they showed before the movie was for New Moon. Thankfully I contained myself enough to just lean over and say "I am pretty excited for this one" (or something along those lines). This was the same preview they showed at the MTV awards, so when they show Jacob all bout to transform into his wolf-self, you know the shirtless brown man? I say "Heyllo!" LOL haahaaaHaa Thats cool though. At least I didn't stand up and hoot n' holler! teehee- NOW that would have been embarrassing. I would have had to delete my blog, leave my husband and relocate out of state! ;)

Well enquiring minds want to know about the job search... this last week I applied for two jobs with school district 8. I received an email telling me that I had to come down to the administration office and complete a few assessments. So I did that on Friday. One job I applied for was in the admin office, which required a 60 wpm typing test, the other was a secretary position at one of the districts' elementary schools which required 40 wpm. Ok so I was 2 words shy of the 60 wpm!!! BOOO! So I retried again and somehow like a complete and utter asshole missed an entire line~ which dropped me down to 52 wpm! Grrr. Good news is that the lady in the office, seemed to really like me and told me that I should come back and retest in 6 months but in the mean time she is putting me in for the job at the elementary school. FINGERS CROSSED on that one. Well the other one was for this place called Massage Envy. Just a front desk position. I interviewed this morning with the owner. This was the strangest interview in quite sometime. It was more like this woman was attacking me, she was offensive. Not in a way that hurt my feelings, but just in the opposite of "defense". Any who... we'll wait to see where that goes. In the mean time I'm still looking... still applying! This sucks!

Ok so thats bout it for today!! my hubby checks my blog on his lunch so I wanted to take a minute and say "heeeyyyy babe"! I love you. I miss you. I'll talk to you soon. =) hope you having a good day!


High Heels & Combat Boots said...

Massage Envy is the place that Lauren took me for a massage when I visited. And afterwards the girl tried to set me up for an ACH withdrawal every month even AFTER I told her I lived elsewhere! HAHA! But the massage was nice....

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Okay, that settles it then! I am going to watch the proposal:p Yes, not eating right will make you feel ick! So eat girl! Keepin my fingers crossed that you get that call for the job!

lola said...

Samantha, you inspired me to get off my ass and put up a post of what happened! :) He's home :) :)

And yaaay about The Proposal! Matt and I are talking about seeing it -- after we see the new Transformers first! ;)

Lauren B. said...

ooohhhhh i love massage envy! i have a membership there lol. good luck w/ the jobs!

and i do hope that we get more opportunities to get to know one another! the movie was a good "first date" lol. hope to see you soon!

and thanks for calling me cute and not fat!!! you just made my day! hahaha

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm sorry the crazy lady harassed you. What a hoe. Hopefully, you'll land the other job!

jlc said...


I LOVEDDD IT! and just saw it on Friday with a friend. The on screen chemistry was ridiculous!! i need my husband back! :)