Saturday, June 27, 2009

Extra sleepy. Marley. The Daily.

Guess what? I'm super tired today. You see, last night I was overwhelmed by my own stupidity. While I was tired, I simply just didn't want to go to bed. Nope... I wasn't doing anything overly exciting just really didn't feel like being asleep yet. I really should have forced myself to just go to sleep anyway because (as previously stated) I was on "kiddo duty" this morning while my sister was at her egg retrieval. I think it went well, as far as these things go. They did successfully "retrieve the eggs". So far the implantation is scheduled for Monday. At least Levi will be here for that (deploying Tuesday).

Anyone ever hear of a lil' flick called "Marley and Me"?? I'm sure you haven't. It was just a small film, not much press, not based on a book... nothing like that. Well there is a bit of a story behind this movie and our very own R&R. I basically dared my husband to surprise me on R&R (my bro-in-law did this to my sister a few times and I thought it was just ridiculously sweet). He is really not the best secret-keeper (my hubby I mean) on the planet and I sincerely did not believe that he could make it work. Well it was just any other day, I had called my sister to see what she was up to for the day... we talked about running a few small errands, maybe seeing a movie then I would hit the gym. So here I was in my gym pants and a hoody looking like a scrub just running errands. She talks me into seeing Marley and Me. Then she says that she was meeting a friend at the bar for a few drinks and that I should come with. So we go and then my mom shows up (this is not abnormal; our family has boundary issues) and then I see Levi pull into the parking lot... and this short guy in ACU's get outo f the passenger seat... "hmm, why is Levi here, and why is he bring some random soldier?" I think to myself. "WAIT" the lil' voice in my head SCREAMS "this is not some random soldier! This is my hubby!!!! woooo hoo" the voice screams. So I haul balls outside and almost tackle him to the floor. Hugs. Kisses. Screaming. Tell me why my husband whom I hadn't seen in x amount of months didn't come running into this bar where he (actually) knew I was but instead he opted to get Nathan out of the car seat... Oh well! That lil' hick-up didn't last long. All is well. My hubby was home. Anyway... tonight I rented Marley and Me and watched it again. I think this is an amazing movie, not about a dog but about life, about love and family. It's such a great story about the trials and tribulations that we are all faced with in life. The curve balls we are thrown that force us to veer from our "plans". It does make me look at Brody and feel thankful that I have him too. I have recently stated that Brody is "two steps from homeless." I wouldn't, I couldn't get rid of him arbitrarily but he can be quite the pain in the you-know-what. Dogs are worth it. If anyone needs a nice, therapeutic, cleansing sobbfest you run out and get this lil' flick and PRONTO!

Other than that I found two portable swamp coolers on craigslist today. Both of which were no longer available. =( This makes me extra sad because here in Colorado Springs we've been experiencing a bit of a heat wave and we do not have central air. Kevin and I suffered through last summer without AC and good lord it was rough. Somehow craigslist never occurred to me last year... dummy! Thankfully, I hadn't really needed or wanted anything more than a fan until this week (and just 3 days randomly before)! But with windows opened, blinds and curtains closed, and fans going the downstairs remains between 78-80 while the upstairs is a crappy, miserable 82+.... ugh.. yucky! I'll be making due with what we have until I come up with an obscene amount of money for AC (or a portable unit) or until I can get lucky enough to find one on craiglist that is actually still available. hmm... we'll see huh?

Quick note before I hit the hay: Sleepless In Seattle is on Oxygen! I adore this movie- absolutely one of my favorites.


Lauren B. said...

awww marley and me is such a good movie! that was the last movie aaron and i saw together before he left...

anyway so i have a/c and if you ever just want to come over and chill (literally) please feel free to do so!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

I refuse to watch this movie! I'm afraid I'll cry:p

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love Sleepless in Seattle. It's one of my favorites.

Also OMG I don't know how you're surviving without air. I would be so miserable I wouldn't be able to sleep! I hope it cools off for you!

That was such a cute story!