Thursday, June 11, 2009

Circle jerk (X2)

Today was a great day on the job front! I had an interview with the Broadmoor (that hotel I mentioned with the spa) this morning, which went well I should hear from someone within 2-3 days if they are interested in me for the position. =) THEENNNN... I applied for a job about 3 months ago with this company PSI, and they called me today! =) PSI has a contract with CO for 3 years to handle their Child Support claims/enforcement ect. So I completed 4 assessments and passed (thank the lord) and I have an interview with them tomorrow AM. This one pays more than the Broadmoor and would be office setting so a little more in the 'right' direction.

So all of this smack dab in the middle of our PCS-or-don't-PCS dilemma!! Oiy, so maybe I jumped the gun on the whole "bracing for financial ruin" path. I feel at this point I would be wise to remind myself not to count my chickens before they hatch... I still don't have a job and I am not positive that either one of these are going to come through. At this point I kind of want to leave all this decision making up to fate! Kevin is now SUPER jazzed about going to Germany and would really like to make that happen. While I do agree it would be a fantastic and amazing experience I do not think I am capable at this point of making the decision to leave my family! =( I've discussed this Kevin and he sees what I'm saying that it would be hard to give him the go-ahead. Basically right now we are waiting for Kevin's stabilization waiver to be processed so that he can contact Branch again and see where our options are. Hopefully I'll know by Saturday!!! =) I just hate things being up in the air like this. It's very unsettling for me! When I know what's going on than you'll all know! Just a waiting game now.

Besides that I am just hangin' out with Nathan! Love this kid. =)


Megan said...

That's great that they called. Hopefully you get the job!

paula said...

Honey, it all sounds like good news....the good thing about family is matter where you are they are close in seems from your previous posts that you would like some distance...???...maybe I read them is the deal...your life is with Kevin and what is good for you guys....I miss my family every day...but i love my life here in San Diego and our visits are so very special, even tho i know my Mom would love to see us alot more...but as we grow older we have our own life to deal with and it all works out....I know yours will too
love you dearly

Lauren B. said...

well good luck w/ the job thing! hopefully you will get one or the other! and we should try to atleast get lunch or something this weekend. i will text you tomorrow : )

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Isn't that so funny...I too got a call from a place that I had applied to when I first got here just the other day. That was like, over three months ago! I had applied at this really swanky childcare center that only children from a certian buisness down here could go to...Thought that was pretty neat..They even had their own CHEF for the children! I was disappointed when they didn't call but then found Game Stop and am making way more then I would have there:p So cool that they called and hopefully you get one of these jobs!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's great! Hopefully, one of those jobs will pan out! I'm sure everything is going to fine! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

lola said...

I've been SO out of the loop, catching up on everything here -- keep us posted on what is going on with the jobs you've interviewed and/or tested for! :)