Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some Articles

*** Thanks to newsletter I now know that Colorado Springs is #6 on this list of Top 10 Cities for Defense Jobs (with no mention of Ft. Carson) thanks to two AF Bases and the AFA!! All the same, I thought this was interesting and nice to see...

*** I know that some of my readers are in the process of PCSing or are expecting orders in the near future. I also know that buying/selling or renting your home can be stressful so I wanted to point out the
Housing Assistance Program incase you are unfamiliar!

"Vice President Joe Biden today announced the Defense Department’s plan to expand its housing assistance program with $555 million devoted to servicemembers forced to sell their homes at a loss due to the country’s struggling housing market. "

Check out the link above for more info!

*** Navy Chopper Crash. I'm sure you've all heard or read about this already but I wanted to post about it for 2 reasons: The First being that it's extremely sad and my heart goes out to these sailors' families. The Second is because I was just near this base while in San Diego. Remember I told you I was spending some time with my friend Noel. Her sister ran a 5k across the bridge from SD to Coronado. Not that my just having been there makes me any more special than anyone else but for all I know these sailors could have been running the 5k (this is an annual race sponsored by the Navy). Who knows... all the same I found this very heart wrenching.

Well... sadly it's looking like I didn't get the job with Tierra Vista. =( When I went in last week and met with the property manager she said that I would know one way or the other the beginning of this week and I haven't heard anything! Is it just me or does taking the "hint" really suck?! All the same the search is still on! I need all the support and positivity I can get here ladies!!! Fingers (still) crossed!


Lauren B. said...

too bad aboout the job : ( when i decide to leave mine, i will let you know so you can apply.

Paula said...

Honey, I am sorry you didn't get the job, but then it probably was not meant to be and something else is around the corner. Keep looking and something will turn up. and yes it is very sad about the chopper accident, as of this afternoon they are still looking for the ones they have not found yet.
love you

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm sorry you didn't get that job. I'm sure something way better will come up. I heard about that Navy chopper crash. It's so sad!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Well Terra Vista sucks! Sorry you didn't get the job girl. I always try not to get to upset when a job doesn't work out because I know that God will place me in the right one for me and that just must have not been the right one. Seriously, thats honestly my take on it so I don't get too down...Keep on trucking girl! Theres the perfect job out there for you:)

lola said...

I'm sorry to hear about the job situation :(

Thanks for the link to the top defense job cities!

Nikki said...

It's nice of you to post all this information for people! =)

And I am sorry about the job, their loss! You'll find something, don't give up hope or belief that you rock!

ABW said...

Their loss for sure! We'll be in CO in just over a month. Yikes!