Thursday, May 14, 2009

I forgot... tell you guys about my hubby's new blog! He has gotten on the bandwagon.... =) Check it out here!

Also, I feel after all the concerned comments I should update people on the whole job hunt situation. I didn't really give the entire story in my last post about what is going on with Tierra Vista. I interviewed last Wednesday with Jennifer (Assistant Property Mgr). She said they were hoping to make a decision the beginning of this week, but she had to talk to the Property Mrg, Molly about it first (of course). So on Monday I email Jennifer and let her know that I have completed the application and wanted to drop it off and hopefully introduce myself to Molly. I also asked if they had made and decisions on the opening yet... She responded ASAP and said that today (monday) was no good because Molly was out of the office and that tomorrow (tuesday) would be better. She conveniently didn't answer the question about if they had made a decision yet. Hmmm? So Tuesday AM I call, Jennifer picks up the phone and I tell her I was hoping to stop in at 2pm with my application. She said that she was just stepping into a meeting with Molly and would find out if she would be free about 2pm and give me a call back. but she never called me back! Booo.... This is when all the doubts/nerves set in. Well, anyway I just popped in this afternoon met Molly and dropped off my application. Nothing too detrimental or promising happened... this unfortunately didn't inspire too much hope. BUT I'm staying positive, all the same. Molly said that Jennifer would be contacting people beginning of next week (Monday) to set up further interviews so I should get a response one way or the other at that point. Egh... forgive my pessimistic nature but I'm thinking the whole "one way or the other" business is not such a good sign!! Well here's to hopin'!!! =)

Hope I filled in some of the blanks for everyone.


High Heels & Combat Boots said...

Stay poz, sweets.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

that's too cute your husband is blogging now!

Lauren B. said...

good luck! when i quit my job i'll let you know and you can apply here lol!