Monday, March 30, 2009


I think this is going to be one of my first really pissed off blogs. I spent some time this afternoon/evening reading some new blogs, and catching up on some others that I actually enjoy. Well I stumbled across one that I found rather immature, and disheartening (especially considering the 'military' that her husband 'serves' in). One characteristic that I have found overly annoying and infuriating is the insulting tone the "Conservative Right" Wingers use to express themselves. There is always this (sometimes) underlying, argument that they are the Godly party which they feel entitles them to look down their noses with judgment upon all who dare to disagree. All of this because some how the idea that their beliefs or 'opinions' are based on the bible puts them in the "right" all the time. God wouldn't steer them wrong... or allow them to believe or embrace any ideal that wasn't correct... it's all so obnoxious and childish.

I choose truth over burying my head in the sand. I choose facts over fiction; furthermore I choose documented history over interpretive manipulation (of said fact). I choose to open my mind up to various news outlets, verses the self-admitted practice of not reading the news papers of our former President George W. Bush. At the end of the day, I stand with the majority... Not the minority people! It's funny that even some the conservatives or the right wingers that I've participated in discussions with deny that they are in the minority. I suppose I should be more specific. Last fall prior to the election I was having a conversation with a Republican co-worker and he flat out refused to accept the realities of former President Bush’s acceptance amongst Americans; The truth (which I openly embrace) is that when Buss left office he held the LOWEST [in 70 years] approval rating amongst Americans, at 22%. Only 5% of American's believed that he was a "Good President." My then co-worker repeatedly stated that "most American's like Bush." I suppose he believed that if he said it over and over again that it would somehow, someway magically make it true. While this can't be true (it can’t be, right..? Seriously?) for all conservative republicans this is the type of attitude that supports my "Head in the sand" theory.
*My co-worker’s idea that everyone loved Bush is not the only example I have that supports my theory (nor was this the only time I’d heard this argument), if anyone would like to share them with the class please throw your hand to the sky and let me know! J
Something else that I find infuriating is how those who don't deploy feel they serve or sacrifice as much as those who have deployed to fight in these wars; same for the spouses. While the wife of an Airman (for example) does serve a purpose and support her husband while he volunteers for deployments to Honduras, Peru, Brazil, Orlando, or Germany, I'm positive that this sacrifice doesn't come close to that of the wife on the verge of her 4th 12 month deployment, plus 1 15 month deployment all in just 7 years of marriage.
I think this is the perfect opportunity to let all my readers know I was raised in an Air Force family. My father served his country for 21 years in the Air Force, reached the rank of Senior Master Sergeant, pay grade E8. During his 21 years in the AF he had only 6 different duty stations; including a "hardship tour" to Iceland for a year. While the AF did provide a very nice life for my family my father does not feel he served his country nearly as much as either one of his son-in-laws has in their 6.5 years in the Army (5 deployments to Iraq, and 1 to Afghanistan are shared between my Husband and my brother-in-law). Also, I have had many disagreements with my neighbor Nikki who is active duty AF, and currently serving her third 6-month deployment to Iraq, about the differences between the Army and the AF. After all the AF basic training only recently started issuing their recruits "real" weapons. By real, I mean that literally. In the past AF basic training only consisted of weapons 'familiarization' AF recruits were not assigned a real M16 (or M4 now, for those of you who are familiar), actually they were given a rubber weapon to carry around... Please keep your chuckles to a minimum. Furthermore, the weapons familiarization course did not include wind calls, adjusting of sights, or proper firing techniques.
My point..? My point is that the blogs I read that pissed me off were authored by the same Conservative Republican right winged Air Force Wife, who has managed to convince herself (and maybe others) that her husband is as much a warrior as mine. The depth of the self dilution by this group if "military wives" is evidently never ending. I guess that is the point of self dilution... hmmm?
Coming back to my homie, Nikki. She volunteered for her third deployment, this time in an administrative capacity; her first two deployments were while she was still a cop A.K.A. Security Forces. Nikki has taught me that there are exceptions to every rule. There are Airmen that are highly trained and do actually "deploy" and serve in these wars... they are not the majority however, but they do exist. Unfortunately, the ones who are and were trained with “real” weapons are outnumbered by those who were all too comfortable with their rubber gun, claiming that TDY’s (or attending a class/conference) in Orlando is somehow a “deployment”. All that I have ever hoped for from those who haven't participated as warriors is that they don't claim to be warriors nor expect to be treated as one. It's not fair or "right" to infringe on the glory that others have earned. We all have a job and purpose we just each need to know our place.
At this point I’m going to venture to guess that I’ve pissed someone else off with this post and my opinions. Well, that’s fine. I am what I am, and when I’m moved to speak my mind that’s what I’m going to do. You don’t have to agree with everything that I say, but refusing to read it or denying any validity places you in the minority with your head squarely in the sand!


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Mrs. G.I Joe said...

WOW! Well I guess I hadn't really thought about that before...Like I said, I am new to this whole Army thing and I haven't had the chance to run into these minorities. I agree with you 100 percent though, those men and woman, like your husband and mine, have actually fought the war and deserve alittle more credit then the average joe who hasn't been...I get that military wives are extremely proud of their husbands and they want others to see them as they see them, But that doesn't make it right to put them in the same class as the guy who has put his life on the line to fight this war, warriors as you call them...If I had never gone through a deployment with Robert I would certinally not be acting like I was just as seasoned as someone like you and many many others...Its a respect thing...Kind of like how our hunny's salute their superiors, we should, figuratively speaking, salute the more seasoned wife and give her that badge of respect. Hope that makes sense:p I was juat trying to show you that I was tracking:p

Casey said...

Whoa. I was wondering why you asked if my husband was deployed, now I guess I know. Luckily, my husband has never been deployed. With only 2 years in and being overseas, this is pretty typical. I expect it to happen soon. That being said, because my husband hasn't deployed makes him no less of a hero. My husband works hard and signed up during war time. He knows he will be going down range and is ready for that. Why should he or I be treated with less respect simply because his name has not been called? I do not consider TDYs or remotes a deployment, and most people say the same. I think as military wives we should support each other in all the hardships rather than comparing who has is the worst. Yes, I am conservative in my political views, and while most of the country may not be, most of the military certainly is. I do not bury my head in the sand, I simply have a different outlook and viewpoint than you. If my blog upsets you so greatly, I would prefer you engage me in an open and honest discussion. Ya know?