Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hey everyone! The snow finally stopped falling and I was able to escape my house yesterday evening!!! whoo hoo. I was thinking it is pretty weird that I was super upset that I was "trapped" or "stuck" in the house from Thursday about Noon until Friday about 7pm... I'm thinking I would have [honestly] been in the house during those time phrames even if it weren't snowing. What is it about having you're options taken away, that is so upsetting? Maybe it's an American thing...? We are just so used to being able to come and go as we please, that once we can't do it anymore it drives us crazy!! Who knows... either way when I couldn't leave the house for some reason I wanted to or felt like I had to. Well thank goodness I was able to escape Friday evening!!! All of that is behind us now.

So, today we had a troop FRG meeting, which only the POC's showed up to. That's so fun. It is disconcerting when you get involved and want to be there for other wives to help provide some semblance of normalcy, and no one responds to it. I have 7other wives to keep informed, and invite to upcoming FRG meetings. I spend time out of my day attempting to contact them and to provide them with updated information and they say they'll attend the meeting and don't show! It's funny because when I spoke with each of my wives they all said that they would come, that they didn't have anything else going on; bored, have no friends, ect... So why not take advantage? Why sit at home doing nothing or chasing your kids? Versus getting out of the house, participating in an adult conversation (for those who have kids), and maybe just possibly making a friend or two?
I know that a lot of FRG's are filled with caddy gossip mongers! But as I stated in my previous email regarding FRG's, whenever you put a group of women together they are going to gossip, and there are going to be your "bad eggs". All the same, I strongly believe that you get out of groups, situations, relationships what you put into them. If you put nothing into it, then you'll get that back! I got involved with my FRG to meet some people, possibly make a friend (which I did!!!!), and to actually do something productive with my person (since I'm not working... and no one wants to hire me! ugh! that is for another blog). So I am attending meetings, attempting to contact my wives; I am getting out of it what I am putting into it! :)

So ladies, I am hoping that some of you can explain to me why people are uninterested in the FRG, but then want to sit at home playing the victim being lonely!!??

Also, if any of you are active in your FRG's what are some fun things that you do together.. what are things that you enjoyed? Things that you didn't like so much..?

Thanks for your help! I do appreciate it.


Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I know what you mean. I hate it when people say that they are so sad that they do not have friends and then every time that there is a chance to do something they do not do it. Drives me crazy. I am sure I am a little of this too but still.

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Hey Hey! Wow, I really got my hours all jacked up with hubby being away. Its 1:00 am here and he's in the bed sound asleep but I couldn't stop squirming! so what do I do... hop on blogger:p About FRG...I was under the impression that you were contacted about the meetings but I haven't recieved one call. Maybe thats only if you live on base? Well I do want to make friends, but I guess I want to make them in my can be shy in large groups of people. I feel like it would be intimidating walking into something like that for the first time. I would say that alot of these girls do want to make friends but without the intimidation in an OMG FRG meeting that everyone and their mother bashes...I think there are alot of good woman that must attend those meetings but all the ones that have been burnt have scared the newbies off:p Thats just my thoughts on it and why I haven't sought them out. Maybe I'll give it a few more months of being miserable and alone before I get the gumption to change post though!

Being Carlise said...

I am new to the whole thing. But I can recall things I did with my bible girls group. Like Crop till you drop (scrapbooking). Spa day. movie madness. and a book club. These are all things that you can do and talk, and bond. I can't wait to get going in my FRG. And it is a new one due to it all being new units wher I am at.

Teresa said...

I LOVE my FRG. I hate to air the dirty laundry lol but besides the coleader getting a divorce and one cheating on their husband it really is great lol. I think it is SO important to have that source and link for information and to have a social circle.

It makes me sad to see women doing nothing and sitting at home playing lonely when they have other options.

In the summer I love to have a girls grill out party. I invite girls over to grill out and have a great time. I also love doing a recipe exchange where you bring a dish to pass and copies of the recipe. Game night with couples is also a hit. It is just a matter of finding enough people who really want to get out and be social :)