Thursday, March 12, 2009

No "wake-up call"

Just about every day Kevin will call me a little too early in the morning to chat about his day, tell me what's new with him and yes to wake me up. My husband is like a kid on Christmas Morning... umm, well EVERYDAY! That is just his style. When he wants something, he wants it and there is really no stopping him. That is something that I've learned about him over some time. Sometimes it's cute, sometimes it's annoying. Especially when he's calling as he does early in the AM when I had trouble sleeping the night before. I can tell you today though, I don't find his child like excitement more annoying than when the phone doesn't ring. When our soldiers are gone we find comfort in the daily habits and rituals we create. When the habits are broke and rituals don't take place, I become unsettled. Today, I find my brain overwhelmed with questions: Why didn't he call? Is he out on a recovery mission? Is he safe/ok? I wonder when I'll hear from him again..? Well, this is just the nature of the beast (like I haven't said that before). So reverting back to my last blog I'll have to just keep my mind positive (and preoccupied).

So on with my day... I have bills to pay, errands to run, and maybe I'll work out again.

"HAPPINESS IS A HABIT No matter how positive you are, everything is NOT going to go your way.. WE MUST be ready to make the most of every situation that comes our way. DO NOT let minor annoyances and problems ruin your day. The difference between happy positive people and unhappy negative people is the willingness to change and adjust our attitudes in any and every situation.... Have a positive day! :-) God is Love, Rev Run "

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