Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deep Breaths...

So, after my rather intense posts the last two days I'm feeling like I need something more positive and lighthearted in my life.

Who likes my new digs??? ;-) I thought a new look would have a nice affect on things.

Today is my mommy's birthday. I had her and her husband, my sister and her hubby and my nephew Nathan over for dinner. Evidently we're simple folk; we had meatloaf, mash potatoes, veggies and rolls. That's a birthday dinner around here, but it's what she wanted. :) So I'm not complaining because all of that is too each to make. I love meatloaf- we aren't the type to smother it in some weird odd-looking sauce. It's basically a giant 1-2 lbs hamburger. But, again we dig it!

Even though it didn't work out too well for me last night tonight I went looking for some new blogs. I found some that although I didn't agree with what they had to say, I wasn't offended by their views- nor was I moved to rant on and on about how why I disagreed with what they had to say. Thankfully, I found some that I am really looking forward to reading more of. I am especially excited about two of the blogs I found. As I read about their lives and opinions, and some of the articles they had posted I found myself in tears not once but quite a few times. I felt that these women truly loved where they are at in their lives (minus the fact that their hubby's were off fighting a war half a world away). Maybe it's a front...? Well, I for one hope that they are sincerely happy and continue to find great and unique ways to occupy themselves until the safe return of their men!

As for me... I'm doing my best to remain positive! I'm continuing the support of my soldier... Anyone have some really great ideas for packages? After (on average) 1 box a week for the last 27 weeks, I'm sort of feeling like I need some fresh ideas... Keeping in mind my hubster has started to complain about it getting hot!! Am I the only one who was surprised that it actually got COLD in the desert? No, for your smartasses out there this is not something I JUST NOW learned but it was something I did not know prior to guys that I know leaving to Iraq. Once my brother-in-law went to Afghanistan I was totally floored when I learned the mountains actually got SNOW! Oiy.. maybe it's just me?? C'mon ladies, back me up here!

Anywhozle... It's the end of Monday (PS: I'm beat!!!), and I'm looking forward to a great week! I think I'm going to start declaring a goal for the week on Mondays... How does that sound?!

GOAL #1: This week I'm going to contact the IRS and demand my refund.. where is that shit?! hmmm.!

GOAL #2: This week, I will encourage someone that I care about to stay positive...

Well, that's 2 goals but I would say two goals are better than 1 anyway!
WOOO! here's to a great week everyone!


Anonymous said...

For car package ideas, I did a lot of themed packages. James always wanted smores poptarts so that was always in the package! I also sent a blow up swimming pool! Just let your imagination go wild! You know your husband and what will make him smile!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Hmmm, Robert isn't too hard because as long as his package has double stuffed oreos in it, he's a happy soldier:p As far as it being cold in the desert, yes I did know that...For one I used to live in El Paso, TX and it would get very cold at night. That did, however, suprise me at the time! Robert has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan so thats how I knew it was cold there too! He says that Afghanistan is beautiful with all the mountians; He just wanted to take off hiking in them!!! Of course that would have been frowned upon by me and his company:p How about sending him a short story written by you with the two of you as the main characters? It looks like you enjoy writing and Roberts always telling me how men love to hear their womans fantasy's:p Not saying it has to be anything like that but just sayin!

High Heels & Combat Boots said...

Good post, dearest! I was a little worried I would have to step in between you and Casey...ha!