Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hello there.. I know it's been a week since my last post which is ok I suppose, no need to ramble on about the mundane. So here is an update on the happenings of my life the past week! The beginning of last week was rather uneventful; hence the lack of posts. But (thankfully) some exciting things did finally take place.

Well, Brody and I went to meet with a local (phew..) dog trainer, Bob. Bob is one of these people who are obviously better with animals than people. He did not communicate very well, he tends to ramble and while I was listening and paying very close attention to see what I could learn, I found myself still very confused whenever he would stop speaking to ask me a question! Many times I had to say "Umm, I don't understand what you are asking me." Of course, Bob was very confused (which was obvious by his facial expressions) as to why I wasn't following him and couldn't simply and concisely respond to his question. Either way, we made it through the free evaluation where all I learned was that Brody is "disrespectful," "hyper," and on a scale of A (for "alpha") B, C, D, and E Brody is a "C+" leaning toward a "B". This is sort of bad because these types of pets tend to be more aggressive. While Brody doesn't have any tendencies toward physical aggression he is very pushy when he wants something, be it attention, play, food, a ball, or for me to just get up and chase him. So, after learning all of this about Brody (which I more or less already knew, Bob just uses different adjectives to describe dogs) we signed up for 5 training sessions. The first of which took place yesterday. Woo hoo, right?! WRONG! There was so much to take in: When do I use "stop" versus "off" versus "leave it", containing Brody with the other dogs around... Also Brody is a HUGE drool machine so rewarding him with treats leads to a bath for my hand (this is gross..) it was overwhelming. Oh- have I mentioned holding the leash for an hour straight tore my hands up? I was sore after doggie school! Sadly we were kept after school on the first day by the teacher, Bob! Oh... I love Bob, because we took the extra time and stayed after to hear what he had to say and for the life of me all that I heard is "hold the leash with two hands." I am not sure why it took him 20+ minutes to convey that so I'm thinking I missed some other message in his garbled ADHD rant. Well, I guess we'll find out next Saturday.

On to the next: I have a tentative job interview lined up for tomorrow afternoon. I am sort of struggling with this job. On one hand, the economy is so poor right now and honestly, I haven't had any other legitimate interested in my resume so I should jump at this opportunity. On the other hand the position is as an office manager in Aurora. :( For those of you who don't know that is South Denver, approximately an hour and a half commute (both ways). So at first I thought to myself I have to deal with the commute until I find something closer to home because there aren't many other opportunities right now, and well I'm not the only individual who commutes from Colorado Springs to Denver for work every day so if the money is worth my wild than I'm taking it and dealing with the consequences. Well, now I'm having second thoughts... It's so far away and while Kevin's gone it's almost no big deal but someone has to feed the dog, and walk him, and what if I have a doctor's appointment I might as well take the entire day off. I'm thinking my boss would grow tired of that sooner or later. Oh, and what about the weather it is Colorado after all snow will happen eventually and is it worth it to risk my life on Monument Hill? So you put all of these pieces together I'm not sure what to do... What I've decided is to go and talk with the bossman tomorrow see what the money is like, because after all they may not even offer me the position which makes all the stress of "Should I or Shouldn't I" really kind of pointless at this point in time... right? Any thoughts?

Other than those things... I'm exhausted. Last night I went out with Nikki for her "going away party". She's deploying to Iraq in about two weeks so some people she works with and some friends got together to spend time with her. It was nice to socialize with more than two people at a time that were also not family members. It was sort of an older crowd so it wasn't a rowdy party or anything like that... but all the same there were good Fajitas and cold drinks! :) What else can a girl ask for?

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Paula said...

Wow, sounds like "Bob" is able to talk to Brody easier than talking to "people" I have heard that dog trainers can be like that. Neal and I have been talking about getting a dog for a couple of years. Now that we don't hsve any travel plans it would be a good time to get one, but then thinking about going thru "puppy" stsge is not something I look forward to, so we will see.
Let me know what you find out about the job. I know things are really tough out there right now, so many people I know have lost their jobs and that they are having a tough time finding a new one. Lots of our friends are in the auto industry and we have some friends where the entire family has been layed off.I have even started "not" watching the evening news because it is so depressing. I guess I am developing a "head in the sand" approach. It would be great if you could find something that interests you closer to home. Let me know what you decide. You will make the right decision.
Love you