Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Holy Hormones Batman!!

Today I am 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant. The rage-y (aka b*t%hy) hormones have kicked in- full throttle. The last few days have been rough. There have been a few occassions where having my husband in the same room as me was just too much: "you're bugging me." For no good reason. I'm just irritated. It's not fair and 90% of the time I recognize that this is happening to me. I work hard to give my husband a heads up "I'm really cranky right now" and from that point forward my goal is to speak as little as possible, as I don't want to be a hormonal pain in his backside. Sincerely. It's not funny being the Bickering-McBickerson's!

Today I had my third appointment with the midwife. I did not care for this lady in the least. I felt rushed. I have been having a tough time breathing. After walking or just randomly when I'm sitting on the couch or at the table completing homework. There are times I can literally not fill my lungs filling all the way, but when it does happen, its like heaven! I was explaining this to the midwife and she was like "breathing troubles are physiological." Ok... thanks. That's extremely unhelpful. I told her well, I was asthmatic as an infant (like bad, numerous hospital stays, ect) she was still unimpressed. Well lady, I'm just attempting to give you information you decide what's helpful and what isn't; silly me I thought a history of pulmonary distress is relevant. Then it continued... she was using the doppler to check the babe's heart rate and couldn't find it. This happened last month too... so I start getting concerned. Why does my babe HATE the doppler? She goes for the ultrasound and is completely stingy with it. She wouldn't angle it so I could see (I get this is simply to find the heartbeat but hell if you're doing it you might as well share with Mom, right?!), she found the heartbeat and then was like ok, 155 beats. My husband chimes in: Can we get a picture or.... Midwife: No there's a lot of people.

She sucks. Yes there were a lot of people. I opted for the Centering Group. I figured it would be a good way to meet some other peeps going through the same thing, around the same time. Well, instead it's just a disorganized-overpopulated room of hormones, and my 15 mins with the doc is even more hurried than usual. So far, I'm not a fan of the centering group, just for your future reference.

Has anyone else tried centering? How'd you like it?

At least we saw and heard the babes little heart chugging away! I have already had people tell me it's a Girl, (which is my instinct as well), what do you guys think??!


Jessica said...

We are stationed in Okinawa, but I can tell you I have heard bad things about the 'centering' group as well. Our's is called something different, but from what you described it's the same thing offered at our base as well. I thought it would be fun to do, but there was no opening for my date range so I didn't get to be in it. I hope you next appointments go more smoothly. Will you get ultrasounds with the regular clinic? We had our 20 week US today, and were give quite a few pics, I would try getting to the clinic for an US!
Oh also our babe's heart rate was always over 160 and we are having a boy! So the old wives tale for me didn't work! Good luck to you and your husband!

Lin said...

Aw sucks for Kevin getting the grumpy end of the stick but hopefully he knows it's just the hormones :)

That midwife sounds awful. I can't believe she wouldnt take a minute to get you guys a picture. Hopefully things will get better.

Loving Wife said...

Wow! I am shocked, all the midwives I have ever dealt with had better bedside manner and more caring nature!

HUGS to you! Hormones can be a pain in the ass.

My friend Courtney did Centering and really liked it, she had a great experience with it. A few other people I talked to also enjoyed their experience. I was too far along getting to Benning and they didn't even offer it.

Katy said...

The hospital at our post just started the Centering pregnancy group. This is baby number 3 at the same hospital (we've been here 5 years) and I opted out because I just didn't see our hospital executing it well. I've had complications in the past so I got a doctor over a midwife which for the most part I've found to be better, but they've changed the doctor I was assigned to to just nights so now I have to change to a new doc more than 6 months in. GRRR. Glad you got to hear the heartbeat. The old wives tale says over 145 is a girl, but my girls never followed that rule.