Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm having a problem...

When do I start buying baby stuff?

I'm having this problem... well many problems really. But mainly I have this urge to buy stuff for "the babe". Well, here in Germany they have a completely different style, very minimalist-modern. Just think Ikea. Well that's not my style. So whatever I get I pretty much have to buy through AAFES or via the interwebs. Also, AAFES does not have the best options on baby clothes. So it's kind of hard to find neutral baby clothes.

The other major is this little face that they are dismantling my husbands unit and we stand a chance of being back in the States before the baby comes. So how much stuff do I really want to buy here and transport back with us?

I'm thinking the smart bet is to just wait and see how orders play out. But, I don't wanna!

So far we've purchased a small package of Newborn diapers, the one not-awful neutral baby blanket from the PX and the Precious Moments prayer doll.

How early did you start buying baby loot? What did you buy?


Jessica said...

I am almost 16 weeks along, and we are stationed in Okinawa, Japan so I feel for ya with only having the BX to purchase through or online! So far we have bought the crib (awesome sale at the BX), stroller/car seat combo and a bunch of cloth diapers. As for clothes, I have purchased a few gender neutral outfits mostly online, and my mom has purchased some and will send them to us.
If you don't know when you for sure will be leaving, you could always wait and see. Or if an awesome sale comes up (our crib was normally over $200 and we got it for $125!!!) you could purchase then.
Good luck with all this new info! And congrats on the baby!!

Katy said...

With my first I had a very hard time resisting the urge to buy stuff early on. We bought a couple of neutral things in the early months but managed to wait until the big ultrasound to really start buying stuff. You can tell the sex as early as 16weeks, but your ultrasound (through Tricare since they only see one as medically necessary barring any problems early on) will be somewhere between 18 and 22 weeks. We just found out baby #3 is a boy (after 2 girls) and all I've done since is look at, and buy stuff for him.

Samantha Cernock said...

It is SO HARD to wait. With my 4 year old, we were stationed in Italy, so I experience similar concerns. I tried very hard waiting for the 18/20 week gender scan. And then I loaded up through Old Navy and other sites.

TASS said...

Well you know me....I usually wait until I am 30 weeks plus to buy stuff! However, if you find something you really want (here in the states) tell me and I will get it for you and send it your way! Problem solved!!!!!!!!!!! I love you and I am so happy you are having a babe of your own!

Natalia said...

First, definitely get the book "Baby Bargains" it's like Consumer Reports for all things baby and will explain everything to you and save you a ton. I would wait on the big purchases until you're back in the US, especially car seats since the US and EU have different safety requirements.

You really don't need much in the beginning since baby will just eat, poop and sleep! Wait on most clothes until after a Baby Shower since that's a popular gift. I know it's hard though, so if you want to get some super cute outfits, Carter's always has sales (just had %40 off EVERYTHING) and they may ship to APOs.

Lucky for you Germany is known for their amazing wooden baby toys so I would look into those made by Holtztiger, Grimm's Spiel und Holz, and Haba.

Buying for baby is so exciting, have FUN!

hmb said...

Preachin' to the choir, girlfriend! Ha :) I pretty much waited for everything. I had a few neutral clothes (since I chose not to find out the sex), some diapers, some wipes and something for babe to sleep in. Which for me was a Fisher Price Rock n' Play. BEST INVENTION EVER! Anyhoo...I would have started buying other things earlier, but I was in the same position as you...figuring we would leave before or soon after the baby got here.

PS--If you like Carter's clothes, they ship for free to APO addresses as long as you have $50 or more in your cart :)

Loving Wife said...

We honestly didn't buy all that much stuff until closer to his arrival, especially with clothes because we had no idea how big he was going to be, I bought ONE set of newborn clothes. Friends and family bought us some of the bigger things and we bought some of the smaller things as we needed them.

I am more a minimalist person, especially as you start out because they really don't need much. Granted there are times that I would LOVE to have more toys, but we also just don't have a lot of space for them and he doesn't need too much.

The other thing is that some babies love some things and some babies will hate some things. Some kids love swings, but my friends baby screams bloody murder when they try to put him in a swing.

Good luck, you know you can ask me any time!