Monday, February 20, 2012

The Great Stroller Debate

All babes need a stroller right? Well, duh! Of course they do. I have the benefit of being the last of allllll the peeps I know well to procreate. I've had the priveledge to get to know there lil' babes. I get to see what works and what doesn't work. And as a commenter said on the previous post, all babes are different. While one will LOVE the swing another will scream bloody murder. These are mines I will just have to dodge and see how our lil babe likes certain things. But there are certain things all babes will need!!

Traditionally people go the Travel System route:

From what I understand the stroller from the travel system combo tend toward the bulky side and eventually wind up being exchanged for an umbrella stroller. 

Then we have this newish Snap-n-go beauty. Which are more compact and still feature the lower basket for all your random crapola. So here's where the debate comes into play. I know I need this:

All of our most precious of cargo need an infant car seat right?! So here's what I suggested to the hubs. We get he above car seat PLUS:

Then, I'm thinking this bad boy for when the kiddo gets a bit too heavy to be lugged around in the infant carrier:

Here's the cause for discussion though. My husband thinks the snap-n-go is just spending more money than is necessary. He's old school (haha). The travel system is just the way to go. 

So, now I turn it over to you all!! What do you think of my plan of car seat+snap-n-go+umbrella stroller VERSUS travel system?? 


Heather Fox said...

Ok, so I totally agree that the travel system is bulky, but if you are on the taller side it is a must. Which is the ONLY reason why we have it, and suck up the loss of space to continue to use it. The umbrella strollers break my back.

So, my ONLY advice is to go and stand in front of the stroller options, and decide that way. Honestly everything else will be made to work! HA
Best of luck! The decisions only get harder!

Loving Wife said...

We have a travel system that has the jogger as you know, I love the snap-n-go because it takes up less space is really like and makes carrying around the infant seat a lot easier. I opted to go to jogger route for the system because A- I liked the colors and B- I wanted a jogger and figured this would be a simple way to kill two birds with one stone.

We also bought an umbrella stroller (maclaren) because we wanted something that was easy to travel with, folding up nicely, ours even has a shoulder strap. It doesn't have the storage that a travel system stroller would, but that also prevents me from bringing everything but the kitchen sink.

My nephew started to not like the stroller when he started to walk, but when he was tired he would use it, so not carrying around a bulky stroller made a difference for my sister.

So in all, we have:
Infant Car Seat
Jogging Stroller
Umbrella stroller.


Katy said...

We went the travel system route with our first, and you're right they can be a bit on the bulky side. We later upgraded to a double stroller when our second child came along since our first was not quite 2 at the time. Baby number 3 now on the way and neither or my children like riding in strollers anymore now that they are old enough to walk. So we too are discussing our options. I've suggested the snap n' go option to my hubby as well and he too seems a bit hesitant. We still have our double stroller but gave away our infant seat a while ago so we're debating anything from finding a car seat that will just fit the double (even though its a fight to get the other kids to sit in it at all, get a new travel system or the snap n' go. I think the snap n' go is a great option if you need to save some space, but I would definitely recommend going to a store and testing multiple options out before you decide.

Nicole said...

We had both the travel system as well as the snap and go and to be honest with you, the travel system sat in my garage. I never used it. Not once. It was bulky, heavy and a pain to maneuver. I love, love, LOVE the snap and go! I have sold our travel system and have put our snap and go in storage for our next wee one. The Chico liteway for when your baby is older is a great stroller as well! We have that one in all black! I can't say enough good things about Chico!

Congrats on your soon to be little bundle of joy! :)

hmb said...

The travel systems overwhelmed me quite a tad. Too much booty in the pants...

I got a Chicco KeyFit car seat and then bought the KeyFit Caddy (Chicco's version of the Snap n Go) and I LOVVVVEEEEE. I'll seriously cry when she outgrows her infant seat. Josh and I are both tall and the handles are adjustable. Plus, it's super lightweight and I can unfold it all one-handed and ish. I really can't say enough good things about it.

I plan to buy the chicco umbrella stroller when it comes time just b/c I've been so pleased with the brand. Hopefully it makes me just as happy :-)

Allison @ I heart Change said...

I really feel that the travel system is the way to go, mainly because I strongly dislike umbrella strollers. They're generally too small for your child to be comfortable and the wheels are so close in the back that I'm always hitting my fit on it... and there is very little room for your stuff.

If anything, I'd suggest going the carseat and jogging stroller route. That way you can use the stroller for everything and still snap the carseat onto it. There are a lot of strollers that fit with different carseats, just a bit of internet research to find a good match for you.

I don't regret getting a travel system. I still use that stroller if I'm doing serious mall shopping- it holds everything! And it lays down completely flat for kiddo comfort. The one I have (Graco something or other) even had straps to move the leg rest up to make it into a mini bassinet on wheels!

If you do go for a travel system, I suggest looking at Burlington Coat factory. They had, by far, the best price when I was looking.

Erin said...

Coming from someone that owns 7 strollers, I would get the snap n go and then an umbrella stroller for later. You won't end up spending more money because you will ditch the big heavy stroller for an umbrella down the line anyway.