Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We Did It!!

Remember how many times I've told you all about my wanting a Volvo?? Yeah, I lost count too. Well, We did it. About a week ago we got our financing in place and we went back to the factory-direct dealer and built our brand new 2012 Volvo, XC60! It should be finished at the factory in Belgium and on it's way to us early March!

It was interested going into a dealership and not leaving with a car. We left them with a deposit (so they had some of our money) and we left in the car we came in.... Sort of odd. They don't have a huge inventory on hand for you to pick whatever you'd like. Nope you build it to your liking and it's put together just for you!! It's a pretty cool experience, although new and odd- haha!

We're pretty excited about it and just wish it would hurry up already!!

Hopefully I'll get back to my regular blogging soon now that the hubs is back at work. It seems like a whirl-wind 30-days.


Kat said...

Hey, that's kind of cool, though! I know here in the States dealerships try so hard to get you to buy off the lot. You should get a plate for it with your name on it!!!!

Jen said...

Congrats!!!! What an awesome experience that must have been. :)

Lin said...

That's pretty awesome, congratulations!