Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Hurry-up annnddd WAIT.

So here I am a year into our German adventure (with a combined total of 6 months spent in Germany) enjoying our block leave and we learn Kevin's unit is being disbanned. Oh score! So when, and what does that mean for our lil' family? Lawd, only knows.

Check it out: this news even made it into the Army Times. This article seems to imply that we would be headed back stateside. We heard a rumor about September. Gah.... So now I feel stuck in this cycle of BS.

I guess we'll just wait until we learn more. The Army strikes again.


Megan said...

Oh no! What a disapointment! I hope you find out some news soon so you will at least have an idea of the future!

Kat said...

The Army has such timing and tact!

Jen said...

I hope you get more information soon!!!!

Amanda said...

I heard about that today! Good luck.. and I hope they don't keep y'all waiting on news TOO long.