Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Sometimes, I just wish I were still a kiddo! We really didn't get it back then, did we? I know I didn't. Man sometimes I wish I could go back to not having a care in the world, when my mommy prepared my meals, washed my clothes and daddy cleaned out my boo-boos.

Here we are-- all grown up approaching more change. 2012 will be a special year.

Sometimes, I wish life were just easier- and we could just have any ol' thing we wanted, when we wanted it. But what would that teach us....? (to be a better planner, make sure you really want what you ask for) I digress, it's not how life works right?

Sometimes, I sit back and just enjoy the sound of ranges and fight the urge to throw my remote through the TV... I'm so 'over' AFN people.

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Deidre said...

I think I definitely appreciated being a kid, but I still am not very good at appreciating that sometimes everything isn't exactly how we want it to be, when we want it to be. I mean, THE NERVE right?