Monday, September 5, 2011


You guys will never believe what happened. My boyfriend called again! I guess he's been missing me or something.... I mean naturally... c'mon who wouldn't miss me- I'm amazing.

Ok I suppose I should come clean and explain to you all what I'm referring to. I guess I should start with when I say "my boyfriend" I am of course referring to this fella:

Second, when I say "called again" I mean that told me he would be in the states next month.

Third, my husband knows alllll about my many "boyfriends" and how they get in contact with me from time-to-time. They can never stay away too long. Naturally, I don't begrudge my "boyfriends" their other women. Seriously, that'd just be ridic right? I am married after all.

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

HAHA! You are too funny! I heard how he's going to be in Vegas.