Friday, May 27, 2011


Picture it: 2011. Colorado Springs. I was sitting by myself for about an hour and half at the Starbucks getting my homework assignments knocked out for the week. No one spoke to me while I was there and I was concentrating on what I had in front of me. When, all of a sudden the woman sitting behind me says "Excuse me". To which, I responded by jumping out of my skin.

After I answered her Mac related question (because obviously I'm an expert, haha) and turned to continue what I was working on I started to think about what had just transpired. Why on earth would I have been so startled by a kind lady saying "Excuse me?" And I've decided to blame Google. Well, not only google but any search engine of your choosing and the interwebs in general. I feel like people generally (of course not true for all people) don't ask strangers, the harmless person next to them in the store for advice or guidance.* I don't see a lot of people chatting with random strangers. From what I've seen we all kind of run around with our heads down, not making eye-contact, no courteous smiles of hello, rarely asking the check-out person at Walmart how their day is going. Just trying to get through whatever it is you're doing and press on to whatever is next.

I know for me I talk to everyone. I ask the people how they are at the Walmart, the MP's/Gate Guards as I go on post, peeps in toll booths... I don't discriminate. I talk to everyone. What's it hurt? What's the worst that could come of it?

I think I was caught of guard and thusly startled when this woman started speaking to me because people don't speak to other when they're out and about.

Anyway that's today's story.

Do you turn into chatty-Kathy when you leave the house?


MrsMcDancer said...

I used to be too shy, but now when I go out I definitely become a chatty kathy lol. Especially since being a stay at home mom, that might be the only adult interaction for the day other than with my husband.

SR2 RS Paula Rockwood said...

I do turn into a chatty kathy....I have become more so by watching my husband, who talks to everyone and can carry on a conversation with just about anything, if he doesn't know about a subject then he asks alot of questions. We have meet some really cool people by starting a simple conversation. I have also found that people like being asked questions. I have found out alot of household tip while shopping in vons

Hannah said...

Oh how cute! That is something pretty common in the south, we all talk to our neighbors and strangers!

Anonymous said...

I think this is one of the things I have the hardest time with in Germany. It's rare if someone just says hello (or responds to my Guten Tag), let alone excuse me if they ram in to you :-(