Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Great R&R Debate

Since the opportunity to stick around in CO came up Kevin and I have had to adjust our plans for R&R. Originally I was looking into a Mediterranean cruise. Considering that is far less accessible from Colorado we've been talking through all of our options: visiting family all over the West Coast (including Brody in San Diego) or another vacation spot. Considering last R&R we traveled to Portland and San Diego and it was exhausting to do both in only 2 weeks. So we're now considering: 

I mean, it's not the Mediterranean, but hey there is a lot to see and do there. I'm hoping to get to a taping of the Ellen show, maybe Jay Leno...? Kevin wants to tour Universal Studios. I'd like to see the Walk of Fame, Hollywood Sign, The Santa Monica Pier and so much more. 

We're still in the planning stages, I'm going to contact a travel agent tomorrow and see what they can tell me. Maybe all of this will be affordable? (haaaa... right, LA... usually affordable riiiight!?) We'll see if it works out!


Rachel said...

I highly recommend the Warner Brothers Studio tour! It's way better than Universal especially if you're interested in the "behind the scenes". You really get your money's worth and you go in small groups. That was the highlight of our trip last summer!

TASS said...

Don't forget about Rodeo Drive! They have the best shopping!!!!!!! I'm officially jealous! Love you both!

Mrs. B said...

AND you can go to Pink Berry ;)

Lin said...

Yay for L.A.! I think you guys will have a blast at Universal, it's a lot of fun. Also want to give you a heads up on Santa Monica, it's not exactly as beautiful as you see it in photos & neither is the walk of fame. Just remember, it's still Los Angeles lol.

(I live about 1hr away so I know from experience)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You must do LA!!!! I'd have to say the best studio tour for me was Paramount! They were great!

You'll have to let me know if you decide for sure to head to LA! I think you'll love it! Also tour the Kodak Theater. It's really neat to see the home of the Oscars and where AI use to be filmed.