Thursday, March 24, 2011

Motivate Me

Before I get to the actual purpose of this post (Twitter), I have to first discuss the pictures I found! I googled "Twitter", and then chose "images" and there were so many options! Can we just talk about for a minute how many different versions of that damn twitter bird there are? A. LOT! I was originally just looking for something like this:

Pretty standard right?

Well I saw these and just thought they were hilarious and adorable:

This one is my favorite- thought the lil' winky face was so cute!
Ok so now that we've discussed all the twitter birds, I'd like to now get back to the topic at hand: My motivation.

I need motivation. I need some kind of Twitter-vention. I need to know what you Tweet about? (so naturally I can tweet about it too) I need to know if you re-tweet or tweet at/to Celebs... or are you scurred? I need to know who you LOVE to follow, anything good out there?? I'm feeling like quite the Twitter failure people. So I'm currently trying to re-commit myself to the Twitter-verse. I downloaded Tweet Deck (because that's what the cool kids have, right??) I figure if I see more of other people's tweets that I'll be motivated to tweet more often, myself. Thoughts?

Motivate me... or follow me here. But preferably both! :)


hmb said...

I think we follow each other on twitter...right?? Anywho---I don't tweet with celebs. Mostly because I don't give a flippity flop about what they are doing. I follow some of the politicians I halfway like. Oh and Meghan McCain. I know she's not your style, but she's foul-mouthed and I kinda like it!!

And I tweet about any and everything! Somebody pissed me off? tweet. Somebody made me happy? tweet. I just took a leak? tweet. You get the idea. XOXO

Hannah said...

I love my twitter community. Its just my blog gals on twitter. We are so supportive and we share life's little accomplishments! I love it.

I also don't follow celebrities but I do follow international news sites (which can be dangerous for an Army brat like myself - sometimes you don't want to know) and try to keep up with what is going on around the world. A little perspective is always a good thing.

I'm going to start following you now!

Angie said...

I stalk (RT) celebs and tweet about anything and everything!! It's my outlet because I have to be a little more PC on my facebook.

Katy said...

I feel dumb admitting this, but I tried Twitter for awhile and never really did get the hang of it. I couldn't seem to follow all that was supposed to be going on with it and ultimately gave up one it.