Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Confused

First, I'm confused why my co-workers find it acceptable and appropriate to discuss politics at work. When I initially spoke to a co-worker/peer about this about two weeks ago she reminded me that a lot of these people have been working together for over 10 years. Ok, that's fine maybe even valid, but I haven't been working with these people for 10 years. Hell, I just passed my 1 month mark! But they insist on dragging me into these discussions. Well, I have a different stance than most of the people at this company. Which is fine. I have no problem disagreeing on political issues. What I do have a problem with, is it, 1: being in the workplace, period. and 2: when my direct supervisor (HR Director of the company) figures out where I stand (opposite from him) and jokingly makes a comment about how they'll "fix me up" and how they'll "help me."
Totally inappropriate.
I did respond to my boss by stating,"S----, that is the beauty of a Democracy, we don't have to agree and there is nothing wrong with that." To which he stated, with a smile, I think jokingly AGAIN "We'll fix you up, we have a way of doing that around here."
(sigh.. it's time to go home, I thought!)

Second, I'm confused about the latest craze: Vajazzling.
You remember the BaDazzler, right?
Well, females have proceeded to "badazzle" their nether regions; their female business.
Strange, right?
Evidently Jennifer Love Hewitt has jumped on the bandwagon. If you google this (which I'm sure you will out of pure curiosity) her face and name are everywhere!

I was also coerced talked into jumping on the Twitter bandwagon.
Hit me up if you wanna know why I truly joined Twitter, SamS_live.
Erin was kind enough to bust me out!
Here we go people, hopefully it should be fun.

Also confused about why The Cutest Blog on the Block is getting rid of my current blog background? BOO...
Have you noticed the lil' note on my blog about how it's going away in a few days?
Couldn't have a better time to start working on new digs around here!!

Also, don't forget about my giveaway going on right now!
CLOSES tomorrow Friday, 23 July 2010 at Midnight (MST).
Get your entries in now!!


Renee said...

I was going to comment...but it got sooo long that I'm going to email you (about the political thing).

The Vazazzle thing is just....hmmm..weird!

And..I saw the same message from cutest blog on the block. I went ahead and found a new background with a different site.

Have a great day!

stacie-marie said...

Its going away cus they left photobucket and went to another provider so all you have to do is go find your blog design and re-add it.. I had to do it this morning after you re-add it with the new html code the sign will still be up there but only until the 23rd

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Yeah the Vajazzle. So ridiculous. Jennifer Love Hewitt was actually the one who kinda started the whole craze. Can't wait to see the new layout soon!

Mrs. B said...


Erin said...

You're Welcome :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Um... Vajazzling is the dumbest and weirdest things ever. I feel that Jennifer Love is completely screwed up to actually think it's cool. Uhhh no lol.

Yay for being on twitter!!

The McGriff's said...

I just fixed my code - if you go to cutest blog on the block they have a code that you just replace a section of your code with and its fixed!

Mrs. Tass said...

That is because you are a bleeding heart liberal! If you weren't so close minded..maybe you would agree with them......

JUST FUCKING KIDDING!!!!!!!!! BAHAAAHHAAAA...and one would is a Right Wing and a Left Winger best friends???? BECAUSE WE ARE MATURE! As I said before.....fuck them and their childish views!

Ruthibelle said...

They'll fix you?? Nah. Maybe you'll fix THEM!