Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ARMY Stuff

As we all (should) know last Monday (yes I'm late... get over it) was the Army's 235th Birthday.
The above picture is how some soldiers in Afghanistan celebrated.... with a 2.35 mile run!

I just needed to share the pic- thought it was amazing.
Have you heard about MSRRA? Or you know, Military Spouse Residency Relief Act? I'm not sure how much looking you've done into this program- if at all. But it is somethat that (in theory) would have benefitted me. You see my husband is an Oregon resident- born and raised there. Where as I've been in, and a resident of Colorado for-ever. Active duty military and non-state residents our charged a flat $30 to register their vehicles. But since our cars are only in my name and I am a resident we're charged, lets just say much more than $30. So when this MSRRA came around I was overjoined at the opportunity to change my residency to Oregon and save lots-o-monies on my vehicle registration!
Well, that's not so much how it works.
You cannot just randomly choose the same state as your soldier/active duty service member. But you CAN however, (not so randomly) choose residency at your current duty station and keep that residency as you PSC all over God's green earth. :)
This article was extremely helpful in clarifying the do's and don't's of MSRRA!


Renee said...

Hmmm...I have never heard of that before. I hope that you can reap some of the advantage to this program! Thanks for sharing!

Love your blog BTW.

Army wife said...

What a gorgeous picture of the soldiers running!!

lola said...

thanks for posting the links! I definitely have questions about it since I moved around, but not always because of hubby's orders!

Ruthibelle said...

awesome pic.