Monday, February 22, 2010

What a day

Friday started off in quite the frenzy. I rolled over to my husband still asleep... I looked over to the window and the sun was up... ugh! Sun being up and my husband still being in bed during the week equals BAD! Well, he was voluntold to hit up Sam's Club for BBQ supplies. His troop was playing paint ball all day then having some burgers at 5. Needless to say my early morning scare was a gift from the Army- allowing me to sleep-in during the week with my hubs. :)

Well, after I got out of bed and got my day started the real excitement began. My sister being 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant was having pretty intense contractions. My first thought: "thank god her husband made it home 3 days ago!" My second thought: "Hmmm, he's at briefings all day. I guess I'll have to head down that way." I get to my sisters and she's in tears. I get Nathan ready to go to his friend's house for a few hours, then get Katie into the car and to the (new) Labor and Delivery floor at Evan's (on post). They hooked her up to monitors and we came to find out the baby was perfectly fine (other than being impatient), she was contracting and dilated 1 cm. We were originally told that they wouldn't give her anything to stop the contractions/labor since she was 35 weeks and 5 days. At 36 weeks she would be considered full-term and they would have delivered the baby on post. Prior to 36 weeks they would have sent us over to the local civilian hospital. All the same, they sent us home and told Katie to go back to be checked for further dilation after 4-5 hours.

*4-5 hours later*

Levi is taking Katie, who is having VERY intense (buckled-over-on-the-floor-crying) contractions back to the hospital, and I'm trying to console a very, very, very upset 3 year-old and get him to my house for dinner. Needless to say Nathan was highly upset over his dad coming home for only 10 minutes to change and take his mommy back to the hospital- cried screamed for over 30 minutes for his daddy. Separation anxiety is going to be a sad, cruel part of this child's life. :(

This time at the hospital they actually did give Katie a shot to stop the contractions. This initially made things worse on her but eventually did decrease the contractions!

Oh, did I forget to mention she has finally (thank the lord) landed on a name for my soon-to-be-new nephew?


After being told she was having a girl, deciding on Madison Hope and then changing their minds to MaKenna Hope and then finally being told/seeing without a shadow of a doubt that they were in fact having another bouncing baby boy they chose Caden Christopher as this little baby's name. Well, no offence to anyone who has named their baby boy Caden or has a family member with this name I am just not such a fan. I didn't like the name from the beginning. BUT as soon as I made peace with this name and start referring to him as Caden my sister decides she isn't so thrilled with it anymore. UGH!! I wanted to scream. All the same this little bundle of joy will have a name, whenever he choosing to come screaming into our lives!
After all of that nonsense our weekend seemed to slow drastically down! Thankful for that! We made it through Katie's baby shower without the baby coming and without LAME games and still had a good turn out and a lot of fun. :)

In other news this is my 294th post! wooo... that just kind of impresses me. When I started blogging about a year ago I never thought it would last this long, that it would help me as much as it has, or that I'd actually make some pretty damn good friends because of it! 300 here we come. I'm debating on whether or not to do the whole "Question and Answer" thing... what do you think?
Time to get my Baked Ziti on the table... yummm!


Christine said...

whoa that is such a busy/crazy weekend! Happy to hear everything slowed down a bit for you! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! It does sound like you've been super busy. I'm glad they finally gave your sister something for those contractions!

♥ Annie ♥ said...

I like the name Logan :) I also think you should do the Q & A for 300...I'm a big fan of those!

jenn said...

wow did have a BUSY day!!

i like the name logan :o)

Erin said...

I love the name Logan!

Hannah Noel said...

Baby drama!! I hope they give her something for the pain too! can't wait to hear updates from you :)

Oh-- and I am totally with you on the sun being up while hubby is still in bed = a bad thing.