Monday, November 30, 2009

'Tis the Season

{baby, it's cold outside}

So the football game was great. I was growing more and more apprehensive about spending the holiday out in the cold, watching live football versus with tons of family, stuffing my face with delicious food! Come Thursday afternoon I got very excited.

We went to the Bronco game in Denver (obviously).

"The Mile High City"

Our seats were in the 5th section. We turn to walk up to our row. Did I mention we were in the 30th row? Literally we were 5 rows from the highest point in the stadium. When I got to around row 25 it was hard to breathe. Altitude has that effect on people. Ok it may sound like I'm bitching and complaining. But truly and honestly it was great. Minus the shortness of breath... LOL!

At half-time they had the family of 3 deployed service members on the field. First, they presented them with autographed footballs from the team. THEN they had 2 of the 3 service members on the BIG TV! It was a surprise to the families. Sgt. Nathan (something- I forgot his last name) said hi to his family and "Go Broncos" then his parents all choked up told him to come home safe and sooner than later!

I proceeded to cry.

It was way better than Daughtry... or some other musical act. It was perfect.


Anyone participate in the Black Friday nonsense? AT 1045 PM the highway was backed up; stop and go at the outlet mall just north of Colorado Springs. I certainly hope that's because they were opening at Midnight. I didn't venture out at the ass-crack of dawn for but I did find myself out and about during the course of this weekend. I got flipped the bird, almost ran off the road, considered following someone home (because they almost ran me off the road), flipped a few other drivers the bird, parked farther away from the Target than normal... 'Tis the Season.

While I do love this time of year because of the decorations and general festiveness... I hate the aggressive nature of being out in the world. It makes me hostile... GrrrR!

Stay tuned for pictures of our Christmas decorations!!


JG said...

Oh heck no. I managed to stay indoors nearly all of Black Friday. Only got out to go to a friend's for dinner. I am not a huge shopper anyway - Black Friday is my nightmare!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Glad you had a great time at the game! At least you two look bundled up for it!

Oh don't even get me started on those crazy drivers and shoppers!