Monday, October 19, 2009

The People

Over the course of the last week my follower numbers have been all over the map. At one point I was up 5; then down 4; up 3... you get the hint. At the end of the day I don't care (as I've stated 80,000 times before) if I have 5 or 6,000 followers. But the recent fluctuation in my followers has forced me to question why people choose to follow another's blog.

Why do you follow my lil' bloggy-boo?

What leads you to follow a new blog?

Under what circumstances do you stop following a blog?

Personally, I search around on a new blog before I commit to following it. I read numerous posts before hitting that lil "follow" button. I have only stopped following blogs after there were negative after negative after negative posts. Just too much if you ask me. Yes, we all get down. Yes, we all go through rough patches. I just don't really get into the wallowing. Any-whozle, i just wanted to offer my own answers to the above questions so that everyone would feel a bit more comfortable responding to them.

Don't be shy. I truly want to know all of your answers!


JG said...

1) I started following your blog when Hubs was thinking about joining, and I was latching on to any and all milwife blogs I could find. I've stayed because I like the way you think, even when I have a different opinion about something.

2) If someone starts following me, I'll follow them back until I have a reason not to. And if I stumble on another milwife or adoption blog, I'll follow for at least a little while.

3) I stop only if I completely have nothing to relate to anymore with a person. What can I say, I am by nature a voyeur, so it takes a lot for me to stop being interested. But there has to be some sort of connection, some similarity of interest.

Does that help?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love your blog. I think you're hilarious and we seem to enjoy a lot of the same things. And hellllooooo, you're fabulous!

I've only stopped following one blog before and that's because she would NOT stop talking about the TV shows she watched. I mean seriously every other post was about a show. I was like REALLY?!??!?! And when she wasn't posting about her tv shows she was talking about her hair.

jenn said...

oh girl!!

i follow your blog b/c you are brutally honest & i love that :o)

you are a fellow army wife! hooah!!


you are a super-duper-fantabulous person ;)

keep the post coming....

Lin said...

Well I started following your blog (today) cause your posts are cute & interesting. They didnt bore me so that's always a good thing :)

I actually found your blog by commenting on Life of A Busy Wife's blog, your comment was right above mine & I decided to check your page out. And, like you, I usally stop following a blog once the writer starts becoming a Debbie Downer.

Cant wait to read more of your posts...