Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free Food for My MAN!

November 11th is Veterans Day. Applebees is doing their part to appreciate the service of our military and offering free meals for all Active Duty and Vets!

Incase anyone is interested, my all-time-favorite menu item at Applebee's is the Maple Butter Blondie... my mouth is watering. Swell.

Pass on the good news about Applebees! :)


jenn said...

oh girl!!

the blondie is my FAVORITE dessert in this world.

we will def. be going to applebees on the 11th!!!

woo hoo -- thank you for sharing :o)

lola said...

MM! I joke with a friend that all of our fave chain restaurants are "suburban food" up here and we make a big deal of driving away from DC/NoVA to eat our favorite meals!

Anonymous said...

Mmm do you remember the apple chimi-cheesecakes they used to have? Those were to die for.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I bet the line out of applebees that day will be INSANE. Plus the fact that ever since we saw Couples Retreat together we're all about saying "I'll always go to applebees with you"

Hannah Noel said...

Awesome! Just told hubby about it :)