Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Want it Wednesday...

It's that time again. It's Wednesday so you know what that means!

I want.... to win BOTH of these give-a-ways. I love free shit ( :) who doesn't?) and make it a priority to check in with both of these blogs on a daily basis! If you haven't already you'll want to check out Kaitlin (Life of a Busy Wife) and Jen (Crazy Shenanigans). Both are adorable girls.

I want... Hilary's recipe for apple pie! That -ish was delicious!

I want... people to stop harassing me about Halloween. I'm sorry that as an adult I don't enjoy dressing up like a Power Ranger and using this odd opportunity to eat free candy and booze it up. Power-Ranger+free-candy+booze=not-my-cop-of-tea. It's just not my idea of a good time. However, if it works for you be my guest. No hard feelings, no judgments. Have fun. :)

I want.... the snow to start falling already. We've been bracing for this incoming storm and so far this morning NADA! Grrrr. I love the snow and want it to start already. I'll be spending my day baking (pumpkin-cheesecake muffins), drinking hot cocoa, reading and waiting for the hubs to get home. :) Sounds heavenly doesn't it?

I want... Sophia's (from the Golden Girls) quick-wit and comedic timing. She's freaking HILARIOUS!

I want... to find a book that isn't in the Twilight Series that is relatively easy to read but still entertaining enough not to put me straight to sleep after just 4 pages! URg... This has actually been difficult for me to find since finishing Breaking Dawn. It's so rare to find books like the Twilight series that just sucks you in and keeps you entertained throughout! :( at least it has been for me.
What are you reading? Are you enjoying it?

I want.... All our military to put out of Afghanistan and to carpet-bomb A-stan and Pakistan. Yes, I realize this is a fairly elementary ideal. No, I don't care. Yesterday 8 more soldiers were killed in a series of bombings throughout Southern- Afghanistan. My Brother-in-law, Levi is currently deployed to Kandahar... southern A-stan. News of these 8 deaths bring Augusts' total fatalities in Afghanistan to a whopping 58. The deadliest month in this "War on Terror" since the Marines in Fallujah.

I can't help but just shake my head at the idea of that. It's horrible. I know that Levi isn't the only soldier in Afghanistan. I know that his/my family isn't the only one who freaks out when we read yet-another headline like the ones from yesterday. Honestly, I'm just kind of over it. My patience is all but gone after the last 8 years. I kind of recent the idea that our military being there keeps the terrorists there, and the extension of this idea that if we left they would follow us home. Anyone else hear the "lost puppy" analogy in that? Since when are terrorists like dogs... they'll just follow us home? urg. Maybe my wanting Levi, my husband, and yours (since most of my readers are also milspouses) home for good, then once we're all out decimating the country from the skies above is a simple-minded and (again) an elementary solution but it works for me. And if the "Lost Puppy" way-of-thinking isn't elementary then I don't know what is. Maybe all roads out of A-stan lead back to Finger painting Elementary school.

*Disclaimer: This is not a political post... it is not Left vs. Right. So, please don't take it there. Thanks.

I think that's enough for today. Happy Hump Day all.


Laura and Ryan said...

I just found your blog :) Gotta say, not a fan of snow. I just can't love it. Well, I do the first day and then I'm like ok, snow needs to be over! Cute blog!

Paula said...

Just finished the book King Tut. It is non fiction, but reads like fiction and is a very easy resd. No need for you to buy it because I am going to send it to you right after Neal finishes it. Hope Kevin's cold gets feeling better, he sounded all stuffed up when I spoke with him this morning. I love the snow also, but not much chance of that here in San Diego. Kevin also told me the good news! That will take a little pressure off. love you guys

jenn said...

i hope you get your snow....

i love your 'i want it wednesdays' -- they make me smile!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I just saw the post on Afghanistan, wish I hadn't, lol! My hubby deploys very very very soon to their, and I'm terrified! I wish this war was over!

Lauren B. said...

I know what you mean about the whole A-stan thing. Every day that Aaron doesn't call and I hear of fatalities I have total fear inside. It's sad.

Tonja +Jere + Kids said...

yeah they should really just bomb that place. I'm just sick of packing my husband off to fight in these other countries. Before he was on peacekeeping missions to Kuwait, Egypt and Bosnia then Iraq a few times and had a few tdy's in A-stan...sick sick sick of it.

I will be beside him though no matter what.

I like watching snow, but I am just now loving the leaves turning into their golden colors, and I already saw an October snow in Montana this year, so just waiting for winter, but patiently- next month I will wish for it again.

lola said...

I always love your i-want-it-Wednesdays. They make me smile!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Maybe you'll win the giveaway!!! is picking the winner!

Shayla said...

I agree, pull them out..bomb it up! That will prove we are serious and we dont deal with crap (such as people driving planes into our buildings)

I have to totally agree with the halloween thing! I have no costume, and a cute quick party to attend saturday night...oh well!