Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dear Qwest:

The battle wages on...

Refer to this post please.

So my internet service is SHOTTY, at best. I stay with Qwest because I'm too lazy to deal with finding another company: canceling Qwest, returning equipment, getting new equipment, scheduling installs, paying for installs... you get the picture. It's all just too damn much for me.

About two months ago I called and added long distance/local phone services to my Qwest account. How dare I, right? You'd think I committed some hanis crime! The bill following my account change was $5- and some change. This was obviously too good to be true, but as we were about to embark on our post-deployment vaca's I took this "gift" from God, paid my $5 bill and moved on with my day. BIG mistake! Today I get a bill and it says "Disconnection notice" and that I owe them $193-someodd dollars! Huh, who you think you are?

I'm totally taken aback by this! I paid every and all bills I received. So what they totalled $5. Not my fault. BUT! Let's pretend just for the sake of argument that I hadn't paid last month's internet bill of $40. That would mean my total bill for this month is $125 (plus taxes and fees). PS: Taxes and fee's are 20/month now. Because after an hour on the phone I received approximately $48 in credits and now owe somewhere in the neighborhood of $145.

The best part you ask? All this is due BEFORE payday. Swell.

Somehow through all of this nonsense I have been assured that going forward my bill will only be $39.99 + Taxes and fees.
Interesting, don't you think that this month I owe $150 (give or take, from $200) but next month will only be $50... Doesn't make much sense to me. Maybe I'm just not that bright!

Dear Qwest:

I've about had ENOUGH of you.



To top that off, my Nephew hurled on me this afternoon.
Hope he gets to feelin' better soon!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! That's ridiculous. I would refuse to pay that much. Call them and yell. Yell loudly.

Lauren B. said...

qwest adn i aren't friends either..yet i still pay the $130 bill every month. go figure.