Saturday, October 10, 2009


Baby.... it's cold outside!!

Yesterday it was quite brisk. Overnight it drizzled some snow over everything. I woke up to beautifully frosted trees, and roofs! I love it.

Tomorrow we're expecting a high of 29 degrees. Yea, that's a HIGH! I. Love. It.

So it's officially Fall, and here in Colorado we're moving right on through Fall and into Winter. That's really how we roll. We have Summer and Winter around these parts. But I'm good with that. I much prefer to be cold over hot. I am a happy girl!

One reason I love cold weather: My mom (used to/because she's been SLACKIN') typically cooks heavier/ hearty/ Italian meals in the winter. I'm referring to Lasagna, Manicotti, homemade pasta... YummM!


Baby... GIRLS are on the way!

Think back a few months folks... I reported that my sister successfully completed a round of IVF. Well today, Mom, Aunt Marie, my sister, and soon-to-be Big Brother, Nathan AND (most importantly) myself went to Katie's first 3D ultrasound! Yes, there was quite the crowd.. ha ha.

Unfortunately, lil' miss thang wasn't cooperating at first. Her back was facing the crowd. I suppose she's shy. After about 15 mins of trying to get a good shot and waiting for Levi (my bro-in-law) to call from Afghanistan to hear the results, Harriett (the Tech) finally tells everyone we're expecting a baby girl!

I am personally VERY excited about this because I really didn't like the name my sister had picked out for a Boy! I am, however, much more approving of Madisyn Hope!

Congrats to my big Sis! They worked very hard through the IVF and everything else, now they'll have a nice-rounded out family! PERFECT!


Lauren B. said...

hil and i still think you are hittin the crack pipe a little too hard

and i am super excited about the baby girl!!!

levisGurl said...

thanks for the love sis.. i am still stunned! lol i am super excited!~ love you!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's great about your sister!!! I know what you mean about it going straight from Fall to Winter! Today was it was only in the 40's here!

Mrs P said...

First time stopping by, love your blog!

Send a pinch of that cold weather this way - just a pinch! I'm watching the Patriots/Broncos game here in NC wondering how it can be so FREEZING in some parts of the same country and so HOT in others haha.

Congrats to your sis (and all of you guys) on the baby girl!! My daughter is always stubborn when we try to get a peek via Ultrasound, we had to use 3D to find out too, stubborn girls!