Monday, September 21, 2009

Portland: Part 2

As previously reported, we made it out to Multnomah Falls. It was gorgeous! Just amazing to be near something so amazing. We could feel the mist on our faces; it was amazing and so beautiful!

The rest of the trip was great.
I was finally given the opportunity to meet more of Kevin's family, on his mother's side. There are quite a few of them. But, everyone was so nice! It was really something special to get to meet all of them. :)


In other, much more sad news my grandfather had a heart attack last Tuesday. It was the day Kevin and I left for Oregon. My mom kept me in the loop on his condition but really didn't let me know the severity; she didn't want to ruin my vacation. Well, he is sadly, still in the hospital. He's been on a respirator, and is now developing some pneumonia. All of this is after surgery to place a stint in his artery. Geeze, I hope I'm explaining all of this ok.
what's really kind of ironic/sad, is that he was in the hospital over my grandma's actual birthday.


Today I have to prepare to leave (on another) vacation! I'm excited but also exhausted.
Being away from home, eating out, living out of a suitcase has a way of taking a lot out of you!

But, tomorrow will be fun; it's my first time in Vegas and mine and Kevin's first REAL vacation (not with family)! I'm excited, yet tired.
Now, I must get my day started-- more packing ahead! haHhaaHA


high heels said...

Have fun in Vegas and I hope that your grandfather gets better!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have an amazing time in Vegas! You know I wanna hear all about it! Those pictures or Portland make me really want to visit there! Sorry to hear about your grandfather!