Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vocabulary of a 3 year old

So this lil' stud as many of you already know is my nephew Nathan. He is 2, but about to be 3 the end of September. Well his Daddy just deployed to Afghanistan and his Uncle Kevin has been in Iraq for almost a year. I never imagined in all my life that "Afghanistan" and "Iraq" would be in the vocabulary of a 2 or a 3 year old! It's kind of disgusting how our world has changed... all the same I'm pretty impressed that he understands and remembers and can tell anyone who asks that "Uncle Kevin is in Iraq." and "Daddy is in Aghanistan"!! I love this kid!
PS: I'm super excited that I now have 50 followers! :) WOOO hoo! Thanks for showin' the love people. In the beginning and honestly still writing on this blog wasn't about how many people read it... it's theraputic for me and an outlet. Some people call this "blind support" and I suppose it is but maybe we all need a bit more blind support and we'd all be a bit happier/better off. =)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

It's so strange to me that kids have these two countries in their vocab. When I was a kid I had no idea these two places existed. It's crazy how it's become...

Lauren B. said...

it's sad that mil brats have to deal w/ the families being gone. i can't imagine my dad leaving for long periods of time like that.