Saturday, July 4, 2009

43 Days Left...

Hmmm.. so whats new? I realized that I hadn't posted anything yet today. Well, what have I been up to? Being sleepy. Walked the dog. Returned our Evaporative Room Cooler to Lowes. Chatted with my best-Homie Amanda for like 2 hours. Then napped. WOOO. Watch out people, I'm a party animal! =)

So the baby subject is still swirling around in my head and in conversation with my hubby. If you haven't checked out his blog go see what he had to say on the subject (link to the left). I think he is right, we'll see what happens when he gets home. Other than that we're on opposite sides of the issue but I know that one day we'll procreate! =) I completely see where my husband is coming from and respect his position. One day it will happen, I just don't "see" it happening any foreseeable days. ha haa I laugh because of all the "seeing" going on not laughing at the issue.

Heads up for everyone for tomorrow: Ben and Jerry's is having Buy 1, Get 1 sundaes; Diary Queen is having Buy 1, Get 1 Blizzards and Bath and Body works is giving away a free foaming hand sanitizer with any purchase! So have a fantastic 4th of July everyone! Any good plans??


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! You're countdown keeps getting smaller and smaller. I'm SO jealous!

Lauren B. said...

why did you take the room cooler back?