Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quality Time With My Sister!

Yesterday was a busy day. In the morning Brody and I ventured off for round two of Doggie Training school. Sadly, Bob wasn't present so I still have no idea why we were held after school on our first day. Trent, the head trainer was there- we like him! Trent said that you can tell is he definitely learning but we need to incorporate more distractions while we practice at home! I was so happy to hear that. Practice kind of went downhill the last part of this week. Wednesday practice was canceled (at home) because I was not feeling well at all! Then Thursday and Friday he was being very rebellious, eating the leash, not listening, or performing any of the commands I gave him. I was extremely frustrated Friday night. I thought for sure I would go to class on Saturday morning and they would tell me that I wasn't practicing with him, and it was all my fault... yadi-yada-yada! But, thankfully it didn't turn out that way!

So after Doggie Training School I had to come home clean out my car, straighten up the house, and fix myself for the Rascal Flatts concert in Denver. My sister asked me a month or so ago if I wanted to get tickets.. I like Rascal Flatts but wasn't super excited about it, but all the same I said, "Yes." On the way up to Denver we were listening to one of their greatest hits CD's and I didn't know that many songs... so here we were venturing north and having spend X amount of dollars on these tickets and I only knew 4 songs on that CD. I thought I was going to be bored witless! Well, Katie and I had planned to make a day out of the concert and have a nice dinner and everything before hand, tool around downtown Denver for a while... We stopped at Park Meadows Mall, just south of Denver and walked around, hit up the Coach store and both got makeovers at MAC it was fun. We decided on dinner at PF Changs, where Katie had never been before. We had barely enough time to eat dinner- no desert and run out of there. We parked and went right to our seats it was perfect! We were in the first section above the floor, which is awesome because you don't have to fight to see through anyone in front of you (people have big heads… which really get in the way at things like this, HAHA), the seats were great! Jessica Simpson opened up for them. She sort of sucked. Looked great, but screamed when she sang and didn't enunciate, which made it very hard to understand what she was saying. She had the most ridiculous heals on!
So, Rascal Flatts had a very interesting entrance: kind of this meteor crashing sequence and when it "hit" there was a loud BANG! It was hilarious EVERYONE in the place jumped! They put on a great show, and I knew all the songs except for 2 I think.. so it was worth more of the money than I had originally thought!
Also, I spotted John Elway in the crowd and pointed him out to my sister and the lady next to me. Pretty interesting to see him shake his ass! Him and his wife are definitely still 'into' each other, if you know what I mean! hehehe.. Good for them!
Well, the concert was a great idea sis, and we had an amazing time… at least I did! THANKS!


Paula said...

sounds like you had a nice day! Hope Brody starts obeying you, that can be frustrating
glad to hear you are feeling better
love you

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I love that band. I am glad you had fun at the concert.