Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun at the Zoo!

Yesterday, I went to the Cheyenne Mtn Zoo with my Mom, Wayne, my cousin Jamie, and Nathan. We had a really great day and a lot of fun. Nathan and I fed the giraffes crackers. Nathan pointed out the baby giraffe and when it got close to the fence Nathan asked him if the two giraffes next to him [the baby] where his Mom and Dad. It was really cute! We saw Elephants, Zebras, Monkeys procreating (ugh huh... thats right), Lions, Leopards, Wallabys, Otters, and Tigers. I have been to this Zoo many times and never have I seen the animals so active. The Tigers were moving around (not just laying there still and boring, or not visable at all) play fighting with each other even eating rocks. The only exhibit where we didn't see anything was at the wolves. After the crushing disappointment delivered by the Wolf exhibit, we continued onto the Pony Rides. This was Nathan's favorite. Grandma and "wanye-E" (as he loving refers to them) allowed Nathan to ride the pony once before. He's talked about it for months, "I ride pony," he says "Pony name, Sonny!" He was very excited to see Sonny again! I'm told he was freaking out, pretty scared the first time around. This time he wasn't scared at all, he was so excited and jumped up and down when his turn was over!

Well after the animals, and pony ride we all shared a pizza and had a great afternoon at my mother's. I was really happy to have the opportunity to spend a Saturday out with my family. Usually if we're all together it's at mom's or someone's house and involves food. Actually going out and enjoying an activity together was different and a very welcomed changed of pace.

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Paula said...

It looksn like you had a great day!n The pictures asre worth a thousand words! Thanks for putting them on your blog!
Love you