Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Want it Wednesday...

I want.... to do this segment more regularly (like I used to).

I want.... A Volvo XC60

It's pretty, right?
The hubs and I played a pretty dangerous game of chicken yesterday at the car dealership. Typically it's very difficult to get into the dealership and not walk away with your new car. Thankfully that's not the way it works around these parts. We have to manage our own financing (so it would not have happened yesterday any way that we sliced it). We will be waiting until tax time and just save that much more money on payments. But, I am super excited about it!!

I want.... snow already!! Last year when we landed in Germany there was so much snow on the ground, feet and feet. But this year it's just cold and rainy and overcast and miserable.

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Becca said...

Ooooooo! Super slick:) I love it!