Monday, October 24, 2011

The Early Morning Blog..

I'm up, I'm up, I'm up!! So what it's only 6:16 in the AM. Typically I'm awake about 830. But I've had some issues lately. By issues, I mean I haven't been sleeping so great. I've been rageful, wildly moody, unfortunately kind of hateful, easily agitated and generally less patient. Also I've noticed I've had a hard time putting a sentence together. I was on the phone with Amanda the other day and had to start saying, Whatever it was, at least 3 times before I got it half way out. Good thing she's known me so well for so long she put the pieces together. Anyone else would have assumed I was having a freaking stroke. I was trying to make a doctors appointment the other day (something routine no worries peeps) and literally forgot how old I was. Yea- it's been like that. So my first though: Pregnancy brain- Hello RnR baby. Well, peeps I'm here to tell you that's not the case. Let me be clear, there is NO baby on board this train!

My next thought was well I'm sorta psycho and need meds. Which there is NO shame in. I have my appointment on Thursday and was going to ask em' about it. It's NO fun for anyone to live with these crazy mood swings, right? Well, it occured to me later my space-case-ness and my rages were related. The culprit: low carb diet. Who's heard of Ketosis? Yup.. that's right, the only diet that actually works for me, literally makes me stupid! Swell.

Ironically, I had to create a 10 slide Power Point Presentation yesterday regarding Carbs for my Nutrition class: what they are, how the body processes them, good ones v. bad ones, ect ect ect... I have known for a while that these things happen while on a low carb diet but I haven't experienced them before. I thought I was "special" (no, not short bus special) but just immune to silly things like Ketosis. Yea... NOT so much. I'm not really sure where to go from here peeps. Any support or advice? Obviously I will be adding some carbs back in. I hate not being in control of my moods and lacking the ability to put into words what I want to say.

Good news is, while I was up 10 lbs from RnR I've lost about 6 of them again (hence the ketosis). Also, you know how I've long said that "running is for being chased"? I never understood this running craze spreading like wildfire throughout the blogging community; to blog is to run. I even drank the "C25k" koolaid once before. Yeah, that didn't work out. I got the shin-splints so bad the docs told me to stop. I've been power-walkin' it out at the Gym. I started to feel like I wasn't getting enough out of that though and began running the straightaways. I did not have any probs with this the first and second trips to the gym. Than the 3rd trip my calf muscle cramped up so bad I had to get off the treadmill all together. OUCH! I feel like it was going to tear. So I jumped on the bicycle. A friend, S, told me to drink a glass of chocolate milk before I went to the gym and sure as shit that worked!! I ran all the straightaways for 3 miles peoples!! Woot woot.

We shall see what happens on the diet and weight loss front (based on my research for school I need more whole grains(=fiber) and "good" carbs). As this is my final week in Colorado before I make my way to DC and then back "home" to Germany I will be very, very busy. I have to get as much time in with friends, kiddos, and family as humanly possible while still being productive. I have a list of things to accomplish (cancel cell, mail packages to myself, hair cut, flu shot, pack, call airline and so much more).

Happy Monday!! Let's go.


Amanda said...

I swear by Apples. I literally went to the store & bought one of every apple & took a bite until I found the one I could eat almost everyday. It's got your natural sugars, fiber, & carbs that are all super easy for your body to breakdown. Now if you look in my purse around 10 or 11Am everyday you will see a small apple that I ave on me at all times incase I get moody or need something to munch ont hat won't kill all my hard work.

Lin said...

Eek cutting carbs...yeah, so not for me. Then again that's probably exactly why I have a little muffin top going on haha. Hope slipping a few of them back into your diet helps with your mood/sleeping. Chocolate milk, huh? I'll have to try that!

Also, remember to breathe while you're running around doing all that stuff this week ;)

Angie said...

Aww! Sounds like you've had a rough couple weeks! I'm glad you figured out whats going on and can get it fixed before all your travels. Enjoy your time in CO!

redheadchick said...

I was going to say preggo brain but you beat me to it! A lack of carbs definitely makes me grumpy though, good luck!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Carbs... eh I don't know. My diet is literally almost all carbs. I can't live without potatoes and bread!