Monday, July 11, 2011

I hate it when....

I hate it when... I really want ice cream but already took my bra off for the night.

I hate it when... someone has something I want (and can't have).

I hate it when... people are offended by my snarkiness (it's really all in good fun).

I hate it when... I can't think of anything to blog about for weeks on end.

I hate it when... someone else proves me wrong (but, in all sincerity being humbled every once in a while it good for the soul peeps).

I hate it when... I'm helping out a friend on best rest and see naked people in the shower (insert snark: wait, people usually take their showers naked? no... can't be right)-- no I didn't walk in on my friend in the shower. The window over her sink faces their neighbors window which happens to be directly over their shower (Dear Builder.... don't put windows in the shower). Did I forget to mention this happened two days in a row.

I hate it when... I forget that the chat on Facebook sucks ass. It's forever dropping in and out, telling me the person I'm conversing with is offline when in fact they aren't. Facebook=liars

I hate it when... you miss a friendship and the other person doesn't... sucks. Big time.

I hate it when... time goes by REALLY slow. I miss my husband and wish I could skip right to September. HELLOOOO R&R.

I hate it when... scumbags who mooch off the government bitch, whine and complain- or generally commentate on the Federal budget crisis.

I hate it when... I bang up my tire/wheel base... ramming my car into the curb. (my bad)

What do you hate today??


Committed said...

I can't think of anything I hate because I'm loving the fact that I know whose kitchen window you were looking out of. Hope she found an awesome way to tell them that they need to buy curtains (or wear clothes in the shower… what??)

Dana said...

I hate it when I'm so extremely tired, or exhausted for that matter, yet when I go to bed, I seem to lay there for hours on end. Awake.

I hate it when I can't seem to decide on something, or I decide on it once, change my mind a million times, then go back to my first decision.

I hate it when we get word of a deployment but its 7 or 8 months away. You spend those next months KNOWING he's going to be leaving, and wishing you could just get this deployment done and over with already.

Erin said...

I hate it when my kid wakes up at 6 am all weekend and then sleeps in and has to be pulled out of bed on Monday morning.

Lisa said...

I hate the fact I have to go back to work already! I hate one day weekends! At least I have tomorrow off and (hopefully) no migraine so I can be productive and pack tomorrow!

Oh yeah, and I HATE PACKING!! :-D

Heather said...

I hate it when I have an unreachable booger, know what I am talking about. The ones that even the tissue nor pinky finger can reach. This is my current dilemma.

Oh...and I hate my husband being gone. You feel that pain too, no need for me to beat that dead horse.

one last thing, I hate commercials.

TASS said...

I hate it when all I want to do is talk to my BFF and she is too busy for me!!!!!!!!!!!! :( SUKA!