Monday, November 22, 2010


I'm not opposed to pills. Some people I know avoid them like the plague (haaaha), just generally don't like to be chemically dependent for whatever reason. Fair enough. And just for the record I don't suffer from Anxiety and don't have a permanent prescription for Xanax. With my upcoming journey across the Atlantic, which requires my happy ass to be on an airplane in excess of 9 HOURS (!!!) I decided I was in need of some chemical altering of my person, to survive the trip. I have a history of not flying well. I'm not good at it and I've never been on a flight lasting longer than 3 hours. Now, I am not one of those paranoid people who flip out because they think the plane is going to fall out of the sky, nor do I suffer from claustrophobia. Here's what usually happens: I can't sleep, I'm light-headed and nauseous (but have avoided tossing my cookies to this point). That's a typical flight, and I tend have an extreme case of jet lag- which I alway attributed to my poor flying skills. My bud, Brandi, recently told me I probably just need some oxygen... novel idea... just simply never occurred to me. But I'll experiment with that suggestion on the 30th when we fly to Portland.

Previously I mentioned how I don't FREAK OUT on the plane... but I have to admit the idea of being trapped on the plane for 9+ hours has kept me up at night and caused some anxiety. So I went to the doc and explained my situation he gave me 5 Xanax. Thank you! My sis (being brilliant) suggested that I try it before getting on the plane Never know how it'll effect a person right? So I did, last night. Honestly I wanted something to completely knock me on my ass (like, not know my own name style). Xanax didn't do that. When I fell asleep I slept soundly but the pill itself didn't knock me out. Bummer. I did only take one (figured I'd start slow right?)  so I think for the flight I'll take 1.5 (prescription says 1 or 2 every 6 hours). 

In all fairness Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication.. it did relax the hell out of me. So that's good! I'm thinking 1.5 Xanax and a Dramomine should do the trick. 

Why am I tell you this? Because well, I woke up cloudy, drowsy and with one hell of a headache. Has this happened to you before? Is it normal? Should I worry it's a sign of things to come...? My sole purpose of experimenting with it last night was in case I was allergic or anything I didn't want to be going into Anaphylactic shock over the vast ocean somewhere! 


Anonymous said...

You should be fine on the flight. It will be an over night flight and you'll land here in the morning. But in case, take the xanex. ;)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm sure you'll make it on the plane right and everything be ok!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I think you'll do okay. I am a total insomniac and got prescribed Ambien and it made me super nauseous and huge headache the day after I took it. I tried it four times and it never got better so I gave it up.

mary said...

I took two Xanax the day we did our embryo transfer. I didn't have any side effects the next day. I just felt really relaxed the day off and a little slower than normal, if that makes sense.

Did you read the info that came with the script? If it doesn't mention those side effects on the info sheet, I would definitely call your doc. You def don't want to have a reaction on the plane or when you get to Germany and have no doctor!!

Erin said...

Oh please, I know you are just a big druggie lol

I have never had that with xanax, however that is what happens to me when I take benadryl.

Erin said...

I have been prescribed a number of different meds like that to help me relax/sleep for various reasons and almost all of them make me feel crumby the next day.

If you are only going to need it the one time, and those are "normal" side effects according to the drug info, then I wouldn't worry too much. If you are going to have to take it all the time, then i would definitely ask for something else.

Ambien and most of those sleep aids, and a lot of the "anxiety" drugs made me horribly ill, but my doc has given me Tamzepam (which is in the same class as Valium) and it's does a good job of helping me relax when I need it and usually makes me drowsy too. I take a pretty low does when needed. Whatever gets you to chill out. :)