Friday, September 3, 2010


We're PCSing to Germany the end of November. Everyone knows this by now (I hope, it's HUGE news). It is kind of stressful. There is so much to accomplish in these next 2 and a half months (OMG... two, wow, 2 months eeek). It's so hard to get things accomplished with Kevin spending so much time in the field and given the fact that we don't have his orders yet. I've been to the EFMP, and HR on Fort Carson has done everything they need to have me added to Kev's orders. Now we're waiting on Baumholder to do their thing and send them back. Waiting game. This is, of course, not new to the Army. We all know 'how' to Hurry up and Wait. But LORD. You're moving me across the world people. We have responsibilities here, stateside. We have entire aspects of our life that hang in the balance. 
  1. Our House! No one wants to buy it. Hell no one even wants to see it! :( boo. It's beautiful. But the market/economy sucks! So we have to rent it. Fine. So we know what has to be done. But we can get it done because we don't have Kevin's orders and can't schedule JPPSO to pack our shit. Since we don't know when we'll be out of the house we don't know when it will be available for rent.
  2. Our cars! We have to get rid of one. We could pay to ship it ourselves but no. We don't wanna. We've decided the best course of action is to sell my truck. The roads are smaller in Europe, plus the Lender won't allow us to take my truck out of the country (even with Military orders- CRAP, I know). So we're taking Kevin's Jetta over. German made. So far we have info ( on where the ship points are and what we have to do to get the car ready to ship. But we don't know when we have to drop it off... what's the time frame from when we fly out, report and can ship our car. Details people, we need details. 
  3. Our Dog! Kevin and I decided that Brody would be better off with my amazing-life-saver mother and father-in-law in San Diego. We just felt that Brody would like life better in SD versus a 970 sqft apartment with no outdoor living space. I am very tore up over the idea of letting Brody go but we just really feel its better for all parties. (thanks mother-in-law!!). Our original plan was to drive Brody to SD drop in with our in-laws and ship the car directly from there. Seeing as though we have no details on anything; kind of hard to make that "the plan"
So theres the update. I'm all scheduled to get my No-fee passport next week so at least that'll be done. Funny, that doesn't make me feel any better. All the same Kevin is out of the field for a couple of weeks (at least) so hopefully we'll make some headway. Here's to hopin'! 

Hope all of you out there enjoy your long Labor Day weekend! Get out and do something fun, we'll be spending quality time with the family... 


    Expat Girl said...

    Wow the army just like to make things as complicated as possible for us dont they?! I hope all of your plans fall into place soon, you know it will all work out in the end : ) Have a great weekend!

    Crazy Shenanigans said...

    I hope you can get some answers soon!!! Have a great holiday weekend!