Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 10 {What you wore today}

Nothing. Friggin. Special: khaki shorts, navy blue Hurley T, and Under Armour flip-flips. Which worked because the day consisted of kickin' it with Cookie and Erin. We took a ride through the mountains to capture the Aspen leaves changing colors. Oddly enough we found some yellows, oranges and a little red yet it was 90 degrees.... such is life here in Colorado. Hopefully the weather will make the switch to Fall, ASAP. 

We had a great time and enjoyed the amazing views... unfortunately the Altitude hit us both pretty hard. I proceeded to spend the remainder of my day on the COUCH, feeling pretty out of it, yucky!

Stay tuned, tomorrow for September's addition of L+S's Cupcake Club! 

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Mrs. B said...

I agree with you! Fall weather needs to get here ASAP!