Thursday, September 9, 2010

30 Days

I have had so much going on lately. I've been stressed to the point of concern. But we're starting to see progress; the light at the end of the tunnel if you will. We {finally} have Kevin's orders in-hand. That is a huge relief. The ladies that have been in my shoes know you need them to accomplish everything and anything. We have progress on other fronts also:
{1} Today I completed the application and turned all of my documents in for the No-Fee Passport! Another 4-6 weeks and I should be good to go!
{2} Tomorrow, Kevin will be attending the Transportation Briefing: Hello JPPSO!
*Everyone, please keep your fingers crossed that the JPPSO God's bless us with a packing date for all of our belongings.

Seeing as though I've been unmotivated to blog about anything inspirational lately (remember the stress?) I'm going to follow my friend, Brandi's lead and blog for 30 days about ME! Not about our  move, the house or my stress. I feel that we all know how the Army is and how dealing with the beaurocracy can be. I don't want to bore you all witless or bring you down with my stress. I'm going to blog about Me and my past for 30 days (and of course Cupcakes!!! Can't forget about the new recipe for September being announced in 16 days on the 25th). At the end of the 30 days you'll know me a little better and I'll catch you up on where we are with the move: house, dog, JPPSO, passports, cars ect!

The next 30 days will look a little something like this:
Day 1 {Introduce} 
Day 2 {Your first love} 
Day 3 {Your parents} 
Day 4 {What you ate today} 
Day 5 {Your definition of LoveDay} 
Day 6 {Your day} 
Day 7 {Your best friend} 
Day 8 {A moment} 
Day 9 {Your beliefs} 
Day 10 {What you wore today} 
Day 11 {Your siblings} 
Day 12 {What’s in your bag} 
Day 13 {This week} 
Day 14 {What you wore today} 
Day 15 {Your dreams} 
Day 16 {Your first kiss} 
Day 17 {Your favorite memory} 
Day 18 {Your favorite birthday} 
Day 19 {Something you regret} 
Day 20 {This month} 
Day 21 {Another moment} 
Day 22 {Something that upsets you} 
Day 23 {Something that makes you feel better} 
Day 24 {Something that makes you cry} 
Day 25 {A first} 
Day 26 {Your fears} 
Day 27 {Your favorite place} 
Day 28 {Something that you miss} 
Day 29 {Your aspirations} 
Day 30 {One last moment}


hmb said...

I want them to cancel orders! You must stay in the springs. I can't afford Germany!!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay!! That's great!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

How fabulous!!