Friday, August 13, 2010


I am a person, who believes very strongly in family! I believe you should never openly (more specifically on social networking sites) put your family down. Busting your husband, sister, brother, mother, cousin, nephew ect,out on Facebook isn't cool. It's simply unnecessary and immature. What bugs me even more are the passive aggressive Status updates/Tweets. Just come out with it... hell if you insist on airing your dirty laundry at least do it in a way that everyone reading can actually understand.
I digress.
I can't control other people or what they choose to put out into the universe.

All that I know is that family is precious. I have learned that people, even sometimes the BEST and greatest of friends let you down or dump you.* I know it, you know it, we've all experienced it. The way I was raised, family is forever. Whether you like them or not, or even love them today or not, simply does not matter. You always have their backs and know that no matter what they will be there for you.

It saddens me when I see things on Facebook from members of my family that diminish their relationships within the family. I will never understand this? If you really have that little respect for your ______ (whatever: husband, sister, brother, mother, cousin, nephew ect) you should (in my humble little opinion) figure out what is broken within your situation and fix it. I am a reasonable person, people. I know that life is not this black and white. I know that all things cannot just be fixed, just-like-that.

I am also a person that believes very strongly in respect. If you no longer love or respect your _____ (whatever) than respect and honor what you once loved and respected about that person. What was once good about it.

Sorry for being "preachy" today. I had to get this off my chest though!

*this post is not meat to, in anyway diminish the GREATEST and BEST of friendships, so don't take it that way.


Something else I MUST add, since I'm bitching about social networking sites is WHY, WHY do people Tag themselves in YOUR pictures? Does this bother anyone else BUT me? C'mon... seriously, I know it can't be just me. Now in the big scheme of things, is this a big deal? Absolutely not, but it does aggravate me! 


Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Well I have absolutly no idea what you are refering to with the FB deal but - sorry to hear it happened. As for the photos- tagging yourself puts the photo into your wall of photos. If I wanted a copy of the photo I would tag myself in it. Anyway. have a better day.

Mrs. Tass said...

I must say I agree with you totally! My Mother in Law takes it upon herself to tag herself in my albums! This pisses me off. She isn't in any of the picture nor does she know who my dead father is (that she tagged herself in)! I think that you should use the same logic as everyone else in America uses.....if you did not take these pictures you have NO RIGHTS TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Signed------Annoyed with the in laws!

Amanda said...

I couldn't agree with you more. As I've gotten older I've tried to make more of an effort to make sure I stay in touch with my immediate family and cousins.

What really drives me crazy is when people who aren't even my friends (i.e. friends of my friends) tag themselves in my pictures...

Crazy Shenanigans said...

You're right! Family is forever, I'll bad mouth my neighbors but not the fam!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I think if you are in the picture it is fine (or they are your kids) -
But you have to remember that once you put something on Facebook you realase ownership of the photo. Anything that is on facebook is the property of facebook. - anyway. - sound like I am in the minority here- but luckily- I do not live in the USA and therefore do ot use their logic.

Mrs. Tass said...

As I said before...she wasn't in my photos nor did she know the people in them! Also-I read the T's and C's of the FB ( I am in contracts for a living) and it says "You own the rights to your info" please follow this link to read further Also you can remove the settings in order not to allow FB to have "rights" to your personal data. "Just Sayin" ;)

Mrs. B said...

ugh I HATE in when my in-laws tag themselves in pics of Hannah. I think that what bugs me the most is that they don't even ask permission....they just DO IT. Maybe I don't want strangers to be able to see pics of my daughter....mmmkkkaayyyy?!

Erin said...

I have to agree. I don't think it's right to disrespect your family on publicly. I'm very careful about what I put on my social networking sites etc because it's not anonymous. People know you and are seeing exactly what you are saying. Be kind. You cant' take things back once people have read them.